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His Devotion to a Long-Lost Girlfriend Provokes Current Partner’s Wrath, Can He Save The Relationship and Keep His Promise?

In an enduring test of friendship and love, the Original Poster (OP) grapples with the promise he made to his late best friend and the discontentment it causes his present girlfriend. The conflict escalates to a heated confrontation, leading to an uncertain ending that could shape the future of OP’s romantic relationship.

Childhood Unbroken

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OP and his best friend grew up as inseparable next-door neighbors. From kindergarten to high school, they created countless memories. In their sophomore year, they jokingly agreed to get married to defy their dating classmates.

The Mock Wedding

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As a humorous response to their classmates’ dating, OP gave his friend a fake ring, and she reciprocated with her scrunchie. This became a symbol of their unconventional bond. Their “wedding” solidified an already strong connection.

The Tragic Turn

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A few weeks post their mock wedding, his best friend was tragically hit by a drunk driver. She was critically injured and admitted to the ICU. Doctors gave her bleak chances of survival, and she remained in the hospital for two months.

The Final Promise

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In the hospital, OP’s best friend asked him to visit her every year on their “wedding anniversary” and wear her scrunchie. She passed away shortly after, leaving OP with a promise to keep. This tradition became his way of honoring their unique friendship.

New Love, Old Traditions

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Four years later, OP found a new love and was upfront about his ongoing tradition. His girlfriend appreciated the sweet gesture and was supportive. Their relationship blossomed without any apparent conflicts about the past.

A Decade of Promise

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Ten years after the mock wedding, OP continued to honor his promise. Despite his girlfriend’s busy schedule, he ensured to take the day off. This day remained sacrosanct in his life as an homage to his late best friend.

The Unexpected Clash

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On their 10th “wedding anniversary,” his girlfriend suggested OP should move on as the man is almost 30 years old. She felt it was time to put his tradition to rest and viewed it as pathetic. OP was taken aback by her sudden shift in attitude.

Confrontation and Justification

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OP couldn’t believe his girlfriend’s harsh words and defended his best friend. He reiterated how she was much more than a “dead girl” to him, and their bond was special. He firmly held onto his promise and made it clear that he would continue to honor it.

An Unwanted Separation

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After their confrontation, his girlfriend left for work, upset and angry. OP’s firm stance had created a rift between them. She hadn’t returned home yet, which intensified the conflict and uncertainty about their future.

She Needs Space

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OP receives a text from his girlfriend that she will be staying at her mother’s home for a little while to reflect and give each of them space. OP is heartbroken by this message but agrees that some space may be valuable.

Lingering Doubts

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Despite his best efforts to clarify his stand, OP was left with lingering doubts about his relationship. His girlfriend’s lack of understanding and empathy had taken a toll on their bond. The situation had escalated unexpectedly, leaving their relationship in a state of precarious balance.

Uncertain Crossroads

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With his girlfriend away, OP pondered over his choices. Should he abandon his tradition for the sake of his relationship, or should he stand his ground? The pressure of making a decision that would define his future added another layer of complexity to his dilemma.

Silent Night, Uneasy Truce

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As the night fell, the continuous silence in the OP’s house was deafening. Neither of them had communicated in a week since their argument. An uneasy truce seemed to be in place, amplifying the tension and uncertainty.

The Olive Branch

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In a surprising turn, his girlfriend breaks the silence with a soft apology. She confesses that she had misunderstood OP’s bond with his late friend and had reacted poorly. This admission reveals a glimmer of hope amidst their troubled relationship.

The Resolution

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OP and his girlfriend decide to continue their relationship with an understanding and respect for each other’s feelings. They agree to face any future challenges together and to support each other’s past and present. However, OP is wondering if there is an implicit expectation that he ditches this long-held practice of honoring his deceased friend and doesn’t know what to do.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “After four years, she might be annoyed that he’s still honoring a “fake marriage” without giving her the commitment of a real one with her. I wonder if she’s reaching a point where she wants to get married and is feeling resentful.”

Another responder wrote: “If she’s been fine up until now, then maybe she’s upset about something else? Like there’s been a feeling that the relationship has fallen into complacency, so she’s lashed out at a display of you showing something else as being meaningful?”

A different person states, “Don’t feel bad about honoring your friend how you want to honor her, don’t doubt how you feel at all, and if your girlfriend can’t understand that, that’s her problem.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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