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HOA Tries to Force Him To Remove Security Cameras, But the Board’s Misstep Backfires When He Traps Them in a Costly Legal Loophole.

In this compelling tale of neighborhood politics, the Original Poster (OP) installs surveillance cameras, inadvertently igniting a dispute with the Homeowners Association (HOA) over privacy concerns. As tensions escalate and the HOA goes to costly lengths to enforce its bylaws and a showdown ensues.

The Watchful Eyes

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OP installs surveillance cameras in front of their home, which inadvertently overlook parts of two neighboring properties. While one neighbor, a friend, does not mind this, the other, named Karen, who is a member of the Homeowners Association (HOA) board, takes serious exception. Despite being assured that her property is “grayed out” from the camera view, Karen adamantly demands the cameras be removed.

The HOA’s Call

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A week after the camera installation, OP received a notice from the HOA alleging that they were in violation of the bylaws under a “nuisance to your neighbors” clause. There is no specific rule against the placement of cameras, but Karen and the board have found a loophole to target OP. In response, OP issues a letter disputing any violation of bylaws or general laws and requests the board to cease their actions.

Ignoring the Request

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The HOA board remains unfazed by OP’s request, choosing not to cease their actions. Their brazen response, challenging OP to try and stop them, foreshadows a bitter fight. The board’s defiance sparks an idea in OP’s mind to make this battle costly for the HOA.

Hiring a Lawyer

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In an escalation, the HOA hires a lawyer to combat OP over the camera dispute. OP, realizing the potential monetary limits of the HOA, decides to exploit this. Over the next four months, the HOA racks up over $4,000 in legal fees, significantly impacting their annual income of ~$25,000.

The Legal Tussle

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OP successfully managed to postpone their official HOA hearing three times, adding further to the HOA’s financial woes. Back-and-forth emails with the HOA attorney become an additional expense for the board, much to OP’s delight. The psychological warfare in this battle sees OP deliberately prolonging the situation.

Avoiding Court

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Despite their relentless efforts to drain the HOA’s resources, OP has no intention of taking the battle to court. To avoid a potential fine, they remove the cameras on the day of the hearing. However, the HOA, unsurprisingly, declares them guilty of violating the bylaw, although they can’t impose a fine as the cameras have already been removed.

A Hollow Punishment

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OP’s punishment turns out to be a sternly worded letter from the attorney stating they cannot install a camera on their home that potentially invades a neighbor’s privacy. It’s a symbolic victory for the HOA but doesn’t hinder OP’s intentions. The specific wording “on our home” in the letter does not go unnoticed by OP.

The Quiet Months

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OP abides by the letter’s instructions and refrains from installing any cameras in their home for four months. However, this period is less about submission and more about strategic patience. OP is waiting for the right moment to strike back at the HOA and Karen.

The Annual Meeting

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At the annual HOA meeting, OP questions the suspicious $4,000 expense marked for “Title searches – Attorney fees.” The board’s attempt to hide the legal expenses from the camera dispute backfires spectacularly as OP questions and speculates on the true nature of the legal expenses. The revelation of the board’s misdeeds results in half of its members, barring Karen, losing their positions in the annual election.

A Tactical Move

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A week after the annual meeting, OP installs new cameras facing the same direction as before. This time, he cleverly mounted the cameras on a post in the ground, sidestepping the warning in the attorney’s letter. The cameras aren’t “on the home,” cleverly avoiding any direct violation of the HOA’s instructions.

The Final Showdown

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The HOA board sends a letter demanding the removal of the new cameras, but OP is ready. A stern reply from OP, indicating their readiness to fight back, has the desired effect. The HOA, likely unwilling to spend another hefty sum, does not issue any more notices.

The New Normal

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The cameras on the post continued to function more than two years after the heated dispute. Karen and the remaining board members seem to have learned their lesson, avoiding another expensive legal battle. The fight is over, and OP finally emerges victorious, with their surveillance cameras still watching over their property.

A Calm After the Storm

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Life returns to a semblance of normalcy for OP, with the cameras quietly doing their job. The HOA, having spent a significant amount on a lost cause, is more cautious in its actions. The neighbors coexist, an uneasy peace hanging over the community.

A Peaceful Coexistence

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Despite the conflict, OP continues to live peacefully in the community. The hostility has diminished, replaced by a mutual understanding and respect for boundaries. As years pass, the camera saga turns into a neighborhood legend, a testament to the importance of personal rights and the potential costs of infringing upon them.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Is that even legal? It seems like someone should have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their backyard.”

Another responder wrote: “Wonder what it would have cost them if you had also charged Karen with being a nuisance? She certainly sounds like one.”

A different person states, “I’ll never understand why people would actually pay money to have to deal with an annoying HOA.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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