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Home Renovations That Return the Most Market Value During Resale

Strategic home renovations can significantly amplify a property value while paying up for nuanced customization often doesn’t show such positive returns.

Homeowners gain considerable returns on investment by focusing on specific rooms, most notably kitchens and bathrooms. The allure of a well-planned upgrade not only attracts prospective buyers but also caters to current lifestyle demands, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Navigating which renovations yield the highest ROI involves understanding both market trends and individual home needs.


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A kitchen renovation can yield a significant return, often as high as 80%. The modern homeowner looks for energy-efficient appliances paired with sleek, durable countertops like quartz or granite. Open floor plans that merge the kitchen with living spaces are highly coveted, making them a smart focal point for investment.

Attic Insulation

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Enhancing attic insulation is cost-effective and yields immediate benefits in heating and cooling efficiency. This upgrade not only reduces energy costs but also increases the comfort level of the home. With high ROI, improved insulation is a smart choice for those looking to increase energy efficiency and home value.


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Bathrooms, especially primary ones, are key for boosting home value. Adding dual sinks, a walk-in shower, and a freestanding tub can transform a basic bathroom into a spa-like retreat. These features are consistently listed as top priorities for prospective buyers in real estate surveys.

Master Suite

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Creating a master suite involves adding not just space but luxury. A large, well-organized walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom with modern amenities can act as major selling points. The privacy and comfort offered by these suites make them a popular choice among buyers looking for a touch of luxury.

Outdoor Space

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The addition of outdoor living spaces has seen a rise in popularity, reflecting a preference for indoor-outdoor living. Decks and patios with high-quality materials like composite decking can last for decades. These features not only enhance the living experience but also attract a broad market during resale.

Basement Finishing

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Finishing a basement can effectively double the functional square footage of a home. Whether designed as an entertainment area, home gym, or additional bedrooms, a finished basement meets diverse buyer needs. This flexibility makes it a lucrative area to invest in, often returning more than 70% of the cost.

Smart Home Technology

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Integrating smart home technology such as thermostats, security systems, and lighting enhances both the value and appeal of a home. These systems offer convenience and safety, important factors for today’s tech-savvy buyers. Such upgrades can also be significant selling points, emphasizing modernity and innovation in a property.

Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors are a sought-after feature for their durability and timeless appeal. They are easier to clean and maintain than carpet and can significantly elevate a home’s aesthetic. This type of flooring is often a key selling point, contributing to quicker sales and higher returns.

Roof Replacement

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A new roof is not only essential for safety and efficiency but also adds curb appeal. It’s a major selling point that can reassure potential buyers about the overall maintenance of the home. A high-quality roof can return more than 60% of its cost at resale, making it a prudent renovation investment.

Energy-Efficient Windows

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Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones reduces utility bills and increases comfort. These windows also qualify for green energy tax credits, making them appealing from a financial and environmental standpoint. Buyers are increasingly eco-conscious, valuing homes that support sustainable living.

Garage Door Replacement

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Updating an old garage door to a more modern, durable model can instantly boost facade aesthetics. Garage door replacements often provide returns exceeding 90% of the investment. They also enhance security and insulation, features highly valued by new homeowners.

Lighting Fixtures

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Modern lighting fixtures can transform the look and feel of a room. By choosing LED fixtures, homeowners benefit from lower electricity bills and a modern look that appeals to buyers. Strategic lighting design can highlight architectural features and create warm, inviting spaces.


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Well-executed landscaping can make a powerful first impression. Incorporating native plants reduces maintenance and water usage, appealing to environmentally conscious buyers. Effective landscaping has been shown to accelerate home sales, often enhancing curb appeal and thus increasing overall property value.

Entry Door

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Replacing an outdated entry door can enhance security and energy efficiency. A new door, especially one that is aesthetically pleasing, can dramatically change a home’s front appearance. This simple change is often one of the most cost-effective ways to increase a home’s resale value.

Home Office

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The rise of remote work has increased the demand for homes with dedicated office spaces. Equipping a home office with built-in shelves and ample natural light can make it a highlight of the home. Such spaces not only cater to current trends but also offer a solid return on investment due to their growing necessity.

Laundry Room

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A functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry room can elevate a home’s practicality and appeal. By adding cabinets for storage and upgrading to high-efficiency appliances, homeowners can enhance usability and appeal. An appealing laundry room can make a property stand out in the market, offering convenience that prospective buyers value.


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Installing a fireplace can create a focal point in a living room or family room. Whether it’s wood-burning or gas, fireplaces are sought after for their cozy ambiance and charm. This feature not only enhances the living experience but also boosts the home’s resale value significantly.


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Developing a mudroom offers practical storage solutions for clothing and outdoor gear, keeping the rest of the home cleaner. Well-designed mudrooms can also serve as an attractive transitional space into the home. This addition not only adds functionality but also appeals to families looking for organized living spaces.

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