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HOA’s Parking Penalty Spirals Out of Control When a Pet Sitter Must Choose Between Paying a Fine or Keeping a Friend.

When asked to cat-sit by a friend, the Original Poster (OP) unknowingly parks in a spot that earns them an unexpected $25 “ticket” from a zealous homeowners’ association (HOA). While OP stands firm against this seemingly illegitimate fine, tensions rise as the HOA’s unyielding pursuit strains a once-simple friendship.

An Unexpected Favor

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OP is asked by a friend to care for her cat during her vacation. Without hesitation, OP agrees, expecting a straightforward task. Arriving at the friend’s house, OP parks in the driveway and tends to the cat’s needs.

The Mysterious Ticket

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One day, upon finishing feeding the cat, OP discovers a $25 ticket on the car. Confusion ensues, as the ticket is not from the police or official parking enforcement. Instead, it’s from the neighborhood HOA.

The Illegitimate Fine

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It becomes evident that there was nothing illegal about OP’s parking choice. Furthermore, no prior warnings or information had been given regarding any restrictions. OP is puzzled by this unexpected turn of events.

A Decision Made

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Unfazed and certain of the ticket’s baselessness, OP chooses to ignore it, knowing they can’t legally get in trouble. The paper, after all, seems to have no real authority behind it. The matter, in OP’s eyes, is deemed insignificant.

The HOA’s Persistence

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However, the HOA doesn’t let the issue go. They reach out to OP’s friend, pushing her to address the ticket with their guest. It becomes clear that the HOA can only exercise power over its own members.

Passing the Buck

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Feeling cornered, the friend shares OP’s contact information with the HOA. Now directly faced with the HOA’s pressure, OP remains defiant. They sternly refuse to pay, challenging the HOA to take legal action.

A Growing Rift

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The situation takes a toll on the friendship. OP’s friend, feeling the weight of the HOA’s expectations, demands that OP pay the fine. Tensions rise as OP reasons the only reason a fine was attributed to them is because they were doing their friend a favor.

Unspoken Rules

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The friend’s argument hinges on OP not following the HOA’s regulations. But OP counters, stating that they have no knowledge of these rules because no one had warned them. Had they been informed, they would have parked elsewhere.

The Burden of Obligation

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OP is adamant about not paying a fine for rules that seem arbitrary. Especially given that they were never made aware of these rules to begin with. The principle of the matter becomes paramount.

State Law Intervenes

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Research reveals that the local state law sides with OP. The HOA doesn’t have the jurisdiction to directly fine non-members like OP. However, members can be held accountable for their guests’ actions.

A Friend’s Dilemma

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OP’s friend is now caught in a predicament. Either she must pay the $25 fine or convince OP to do so. OP finds the whole situation ridiculous and does not feel any responsibility to pay their friend for doing them a favor in the first place.

An Unyielding Stance

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OP’s position remains unwavering. They believe that they shouldn’t be held accountable for unknown rules. The idea of paying for what feels like an unjust ticket is simply out of the question.

The HOA’s Play

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The HOA continues its pressure campaign on its member. Their tactics focus on making the friend of the homeowner feel responsible and eventually pay to silence their efforts. The association is relentless in its pursuit.

Collateral Damage

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The stress of the situation strains the bond between OP and their friend. What started as a simple favor has now evolved into a contentious issue. The fallout of the HOA’s ticket becomes increasingly apparent.

Was The Cat Sitter’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts their story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “If there was a parking rule she knew about, it is up to her to tell you! Now, if she had told you about the parking rule and you had intentionally violated it, then sure, you should pay.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Homeowner knows what her HOA is up to but too docile or timid to stand up. Maybe this is an opportunity to deal some justice to their HOA.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “She can pay a $25 ticket. I’d be flat-out embarrassed to demand that of a friend, especially one doing me a favor and caring for my pet.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “She should have been clear with you on where to park and that the HOA tickets you if you park in the wrong place. The fact that she didn’t automatically makes her responsible for the ticket.”

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