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His Neighbor Constantly Reports Him to the HOA, So He Investigates Her and Unveils a Shocking Discovery

The Original Poster (OP) is frustrated with his nosy, rule-reporting neighbor and soon discovers her anti-vax beliefs and dubious naturopathic credentials. As their battle goes public on a neighborhood website, the man uncovers a shocking secret about the neighbor’s qualifications, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

The Petty Neighbor

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The OP’s neighbor, “Dr. Christy,” consistently reports him to their HOA for trivial matters, such as leaving trash cans on the street or bikes outside while kids play. These weren’t actual HOA violations, but the OP had to attend long meetings to have the fines removed. The OP felt increasingly frustrated with Christy’s behavior.


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The OP and their spouse spoke to Dr. Christy, asking her why she felt her actions were justified. Christy responded, “You just need to do a better job being a good neighbor.” This comment only fueled the OP’s frustration.

The Anti-Vax Revelation

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Early in the summer, Dr. Christy shared a video supporting the anti-vax movement on a neighborhood website. Responses were generally aggressive, but Christy persisted, claiming that her opinion was valid because she was a “Dr. Christy, Naturopathic Physician.”

Investigating The Neighbor’s Credentials

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The OP wondered why any doctor would be against vaccines, so he started researching Dr. Christy. He discovered that Christy was listed as a doctor on certain websites and that naturopathic physicians are regulated in Colorado.

The State Database

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The OP checked the state database and found that Christy was not listed as a licensed Naturopathic Physician. This discrepancy prompted him to gather evidence, such as screenshots, and report her to the state board.

The Neighborhood Website Post

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The OP posted their findings on the neighborhood website, expressing their disbelief that Dr. Christy claimed to be a naturopathic physician without proper credentials. He provided evidence, research articles, and links to the state database to support his argument.

The Neighbor’s Post Deletion

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After seeing the OP’s post, Dr. Christy locked the thread and later deleted the entire post. The OP was happy that the misleading information had been removed from Christy’s website.

Cease and Desist

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A month later, the OP learned that a cease and desist letter had been sent to Christy by the state. The letter ordered her to stop her “practice” immediately.

The Plot Thickens

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As the OP continued to learn more about Christy’s claims, he found even more inconsistencies. This led to a deeper investigation and more questions about her background.

Unraveling the Truth

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The OP started piecing together the puzzle of Christy’s past, revealing a complex web of lies and misrepresentations. Each new twist in the story only added to the OP’s resolve to uncover the whole truth.

Confronting the Neighbor

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Armed with the new information, the OP confronted Christy again. This time, he demanded that she explain herself and the inconsistencies in her story.

The Neighbor’s Defense

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Christy attempted to defend herself, but her explanations were weak and unconvincing. The OP continued to press her, searching for the truth.

The Final Showdown

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The OP and Christy engaged in a heated exchange, with the truth finally coming to light. The story’s climax unfolded as Christy’s web of lies began to unravel completely. Christy has no formal training and never attended any higher education, which is credited to him as a doctor.

The Aftermath

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In the aftermath of the confrontation, the OP reflected on the events that had transpired. They considered the impact of their actions on Christy’s life and the potential consequences of exposing her deception. He exposes Christy’s lies to the entire community and embarrasses her to the extent that she decides to move away.

Was The Neighbor’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “Does she conduct her practice at home? I bet that’s not HOA allowed. Report her!”

Another reader wrote: “Good fences make good neighbors or something like that, Mrs. Fake Doctor Christy-Pants.”

A different person states: “Why did you have to pay a fine because someone else kept reporting you for things the board didn’t have rules against? Shouldn’t she have had the fine for wasting the board’s time?”

What Do You Think

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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