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After His HOA Board Tries to Bully Him, He Initiates a Clever Plan To Overthrow All The Members.

In a battle against a tyrannical Homeowners Association (HOA) board, the Original Poster (OP) finds himself wrongfully fined and disrespected. This sparks a relentless quest for justice and reform, leading to an unexpected climax that shakes the community to its core.

The Settling Storm

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The OP, a recent homeowner, is settling into a medium-sized community that boasts low HOA dues and a relaxed rulebook. The chosen house, a budget-friendly ranch, promises an easy coexistence with the neighborhood. However, he soon received two violation notices from the HOA, citing his dry lawn’s lack of green color and improperly placed trash cans.

A Growing Grievance

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Despite the clear absurdity of the violations, the HOA proceeds to fine the OP $200. OP, incensed by the seemingly arbitrary fines, seeks to appeal the violations. However, the journey to appeal unearths a more complex situation – the HOA board has a stronghold over the community.

The Spark of Rebellion

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OP, during the annual HOA meeting, meets other disgruntled homeowners, all victims of the board’s strict enforcement of excessive violations. This shared resentment ignites a collective desire for change. A contentious conversation with a senior board member further fuels OP’s determination to upend the status quo.

A New Hope

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In a twist of events, the annual meeting offers an opportunity for board member nominations. Seizing the moment, the OP nominates himself, advocating for a more community-focused HOA. To the chagrin of the existing board members, the OP wins the election by a landslide.

The Partial Victory

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Having gained a seat on the board, OP successfully appeals the trash can violation. Yet, the board holds firm on the grass violation, exploiting a bylaw loophole to enforce the $100 fine. Despite the setback, the OP resolves to challenge the board’s ruling regime.

The Art of Observation

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As the new secretary of the board, OP finds himself restricted in proposing new policies, a violation of the board’s rules. He bides his time, voting against the board’s oppressive policies and learning the intricacies of the board’s dynamics. His patient observation sets the stage for a strategic takedown.

The First Domino Falls

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The board president, a woman with a personal agenda against non-neutral flowers, presents the first opportunity for revolt. The OP rallies other board members against her overreach, leading to her expulsion. OP remarks, “She gave a sob story about how the board was her life… but I didn’t care.”

The Power of Public Opinion

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Next, the treasurer and director become the targets of OP’s master plan. Utilizing a fake ‘Nextdoor’ account, OP capitalizes on community outrage over spring violation letters. The ensuing public outcry prompts their resignation, making way for more reform-minded members.

The Final Obstacle

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With a 4 out of 5 pro-reform majority on the board, the last obstacle is the vice-president-turned-president, a bitter and stubborn man. Despite constant rejections of his revenue-increasing rule proposals, he remains unfazed. Months pass with no progress until a significant discovery turns the tide.

The Unmasking of Hypocrisy

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A switch to a new management company reveals the president’s own unpaid fines totaling $3,000. This revelation, a glaring contradiction to his harsh enforcement of petty violations, offers the perfect ammunition for the OP. He recalls, “I hit pay dirt… he owed around $3,000!”

The Tipping Point

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With the president’s violations exceeding $3,000, the bylaws permit a board majority vote to initiate an HOA foreclosure on his home. Armed with the damning evidence and the support of the other board members, the OP makes a move. The emergency board session becomes the battleground for the final showdown.

The Unraveling

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The president, exposed and cornered, reacts furiously to the foreclosure proceedings initiated against his house. His rage and subsequent resignation mark his bitter exit from the board in exchange for stopping the foreclosure proceedings, leaving the rest of the members in shock. OP, however, remains unfazed, stating, “The president got angry, cursed, and left the meeting early.”

A New Era

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With the president’s departure, OP ascends to the position of power, transforming the board into a more community-centric entity. The new board, with OP at the helm, revises the community’s fining policy, prioritizing fair and reasonable enforcement. The days of petty violations and extortionate fines are brought to an end.

The Lasting Legacy

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The OP’s presidency marks a significant turning point for the community. The once-draconian HOA now fosters a more supportive and understanding environment, much to the relief of the homeowners. Reflecting on his journey, OP delivers a stern warning: “Never fine me $200, call me a ‘stupid young kid,’ and expect not to lose.”

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I think the biggest problem with HOAs is that many of the people that get involved are retirees, and they have no friends or hobbies, so the HOA power becomes their whole self-image.”

Another responder wrote: “You pretty much just described the entire American system of government.”

A different person states, “Finally, an HOA power trip story with a happy ending.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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