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His Employee Tries to Destroy His Reputation, but He Uncovers Her Sabotage and Serves Cold Revenge.

The Original Poster (OP) is a manager at a mid-sized business who discovers that a team member has been using the company card for unauthorized purchases, framing him in the process. As the OP’s world begins to unravel, the cunning employee’s actions are exposed, leading to an epic showdown.

Ambitious Evil

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The OP is a manager at a mid-sized business and is assigned a new team member named “Joan,” whose ambition outshines her ethics. Joan struggles to complete tasks and blames others for her failures. The OP tries to help her by offering weekly check-ins, which she begrudgingly accepts.

The Purchasing Card

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The OP has access to a company purchasing card, which is shared with another team manager. It is meant for small office purchases or client expenses. One day, the accounts department calls about abnormal purchases on the card.

Accusations Fly

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The OP and the other team manager deny involvement in the suspicious purchases. Accounts investigated further and found that the billing account used for the purchases was registered to the OP’s email address.

Desperate Denials

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The OP is called into his boss’s office, fearing for his job. The OP denies any wrongdoing and starts doubting himself. He apologizes and promises to look into the matter. Upon leaving his boss’s office, he encounters Joan waiting for their meeting with a sinister grin.

The Turning Point

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Joan’s suspicious behavior at their meeting triggers the manager’s realization that she may be involved. He decides to investigate further, determined to uncover the truth, and clear his name.

The Employee’s Slip-up

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The OP starts his own investigation, discovering that the Uber Eats delivery address is the same as Joan’s address. He grows suspicious and checks her employee information, confirming his suspicions.

Unraveling the Scheme

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The manager gains access to Joan’s work laptop with IT’s help and finds evidence of her fraudulent activities. He calls the boss to explain his findings, with the IT staff backing up his claims. Her careless mistake of using her work computer for fraud sealed her fate.

The Employee’s Dark Plan

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It becomes clear to the OP that Joan’s plan is to tarnish the man’s reputation and try to take his job. The OP learns this after digging further and becomes infuriated after trying to help Joan succeed.

The Fall of His Employee

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After reporting all the details to his boss, the next day, the boss fires Joan. The OP watches her leave, sipping tea triumphantly. He sends her a “goodbye” Wendy’s delivery as a final act of revenge.

The Aftermath

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The man’s boss apologizes to the OP, and their relationship remains intact. The OP moves on to a new job in October, never hearing from Joan again. The police are not involved due to the hassle.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “The weekly meetings are most definitely micromanagement. That is not bad, though. Some people genuinely need that micromanagement. Others get annoyed by it. No shame in either.”

Another reader wrote: “Yeah, just imagine if she had put as much time and energy into her job as she put into her revenge scheme. She might have gotten Employee of the Month.”

A different person states: “You could have had her charged with identity theft. Sure, the company decided not to press charges on their side, but you were a victim. I’d check the statute of limitations on this because she might still have your information and could still use it.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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