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His Life Was Improving After High School, But a Bully From the Past Returned With Unexpected Intentions.

In the throes of high school, the Original Poster (OP) endured constant ridicule, particularly from a girl named Jane. Years later, amid personal transformation and newfound confidence, their paths cross again on social media. As old wounds resurface, OP grapples with emotions, culminating in an impulsive act.

High School Struggles

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OP was an awkward teenager in high school. Being overweight and sporting a unique emo hairstyle with pale skin and dark hair, he felt out of place. He was also painfully quiet and had a lisp.

Troubled Youth

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Bullies of all sorts often targeted OP, making the school years challenging. He was withdrawn and kept few friends. He feigned sickness to avoid school whenever possible and never joined in any extracurricular activities.

Jane’s Mixed Signals

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Among the bullies was a girl, Jane, who exhibited strange behavior towards OP. When surrounded by peers, she would ridicule OP, but in private, her mockeries took on a condescending tone. Despite the occasional pretense of kindness, OP always sensed her insincerity.

The Humiliating Offer

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One day, in front of a crowd, Jane approached OP with an audacious proposition. She offered to let him touch her chest. OP refused and left with his head bowed and his shoulder hunched, humiliated, as those gathered laughed.

A Decade Later

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Years passed, and OP transformed. He lost weight, gained muscle and confidence, and was thriving in his professional and personal life. His world was looking up, with a promising career on the horizon.

Entering the Digital World

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Seeking connection, OP created an Instagram account to share glimpses of his transformed life where he’d post dinners out at Michelin-star restaurants and photos of him rock-climbing or attending high-demand concerts. Gradually, old classmates, intrigued by OP’s journey, began to follow.

Jane Resurfaces

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To OP’s surprise, among the followers was Jane. She was still beautiful, though life had brought her challenges, including single motherhood. A casual comment from her soon led to private conversations.

Unexpected Intimacy

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As the online exchanges continued, an unexpected development occurred. OP and Jane met up, and their relationship took an intimate turn. Yet, shadows of the past haunted OP’s mind, recalling the hurt inflicted during their school years.

Repeated Encounters

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Despite the lingering memories, OP continued to meet Jane. Their encounters grew frequent, but with each interaction, a growing sense of bitterness overshadowed the present. The past seemed impossible to leave behind.

Unforgotten Wrongs

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One evening, while the two were out, OP’s suppressed anger reached a boiling point. Overwhelmed by emotions, OP abruptly left the bar, ignoring Jane’s attempts at conversation. Seeking solace, he turned to tequila and revenge.

The Vindictive Post

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In a moment of intoxicated recklessness, OP composed a scornful Instagram post and tagged Jane. The message read: “You laughed at me in high school, who’s laughing now?! Hit it and quit it” to taunt her, reveling in his newfound power dynamic.

Backlash Begins

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Jane’s reaction was swift, marked by shock and hurt, as she blocked OP’s phone number and cut contact across all social media platforms. Mutual acquaintances began to distance themselves. The post, meant as revenge, had unintended consequences.

A Stranger’s Insight

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Among the flurry of reactions was a comment from an outsider. This person hinted that, contrary to OP’s posts, genuine happiness eluded them. The words struck a chord, leading to introspection.

A Step Backward

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To escape the mounting scrutiny and shame, OP deleted his Instagram account, embarrassed at his behavior. All the digital affirmations – likes, followers, and comments – vanished. Tormented by the consequences of his actions, OP grappled memories of teenage anguish.

The Dilemma

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Recognizing his missteps, OP wondered if redemption was possible. He considered reaching out to Jane, hoping to mend the rift. The idea of offering an apology and seeking reconciliation lingered.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “She apologized, and you accepted that apology. I can understand wanting revenge – but it’s clear that wasn’t what it was about. This wasn’t some long predetermined plan; it was an emotional lashing out. Either way, a public post telling everybody you ‘hit it and quit it’ is just trashy.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I’m not someone that recommends therapy for everything, but it sounds like you’ve got some issues that could be worked out.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “People are stupid when they are kids. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but you have some deeper issues if you cannot forgive someone ten years later who has changed and is invested in you. I feel sorry that you have become the person you despised so much in school.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “You are the one who decided to go against your feelings and date someone and sleep with someone who hurt you deeply in the past. You did this to yourself. Why are you blaming her for this?”

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