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After She Is Unjustly Blamed for Hair in Food, She Executes a Brilliant Plan to Prove Her Innocence

The Original Poster (OP) is frustrated by her boss’s baseless accusations of being responsible for black hairs found in customers’ food. So the woman devises a bold plan to dye her hair to prove her innocence and embarrass her boss. 

She Works at a Sandwich Shop

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The OP worked at a sandwich shop alongside several women with long dark hair. The other women were all of the same ethnicity and had similar long-length black hair themselves.

The Persistent Blame

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Customers occasionally complained about finding long black hair in their food. Each time this happened, the OP’s boss would unfairly blame her without any investigation. The protagonist always wore their hair up and netted to prevent such incidents.

The Unfair Accusations

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The OP grew increasingly frustrated with being blamed for the hair in the food. Despite taking precautions, the boss continued to accuse her. She felt that because she was of a different race than her boss and the other women, she was being unfairly discriminated against in the work environment.

She Was Hurt and Felt the Need to Do Something

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She decided she needed to stand up to her boss. She thought about how she could simultaneously prove her boss wrong and stand up for herself. This led her to come up with a clever plan.

A Bold Decision

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In an attempt to avoid further blame, the OP decided to dye her hair blue. She hoped this would put an end to the accusations, and she was determined to prove her innocence.

The Transformation

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With her hair now a vibrant blue, the protagonist returned to work. She eagerly awaited the next customer complaint to see how her boss would react. The stage was set for a confrontation.

The Inevitable Complaint

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As expected, another customer eventually found a long black hair in their food. The protagonist’s boss immediately jumped to blame her once again. However, this time the protagonist was ready with a witty response.

The Reveal

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The protagonist uncovered her hair cover to point out that it couldn’t be her hair because her hair was now blue. She was clearly no longer the source of the problem. The boss’s reaction was priceless.

The Boss’s Frustration

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The boss became huffy and annoyed upon realizing his mistake. He had been caught in their unfair accusation. The OP enjoyed watching her boss squirm.

A Shift in Dynamics

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Following the hair incident, the boss was forced to reconsider his assumptions. He could no longer unfairly blame the OP. The woman felt a sense of satisfaction in proving her point and calling out her unjust boss.

The Search for the True Culprit

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Now that the protagonist was no longer being blamed, the boss had to investigate the real source of the problem. This led to closer scrutiny of the other employees. The sandwich shop’s environment began to change.

A Change in Attitude

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The other employees took notice of the protagonist’s actions and the boss’s newfound fair treatment amongst all the employees. The workplace atmosphere shifted toward a more just and equitable environment. Her coworkers appreciated her efforts to expose the unfair accusations.

Her Newfound Confidence

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The OP gained confidence from her actions and the positive changes they had inspired. She was no longer unfairly blamed for issues she didn’t cause. She was proud of her blue hair and the statement it represented, so she decided to keep it.

Was the Woman Right?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of the readers’ responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: ” If I worked in a kitchen, I think I’d just shave my head. Seems like it’d make things a lot easier.”

Another reader wrote: “Had this before in a restaurant I worked. Lady complained of a hair in her food. All waitresses were blonde, all chefs were bald/buzz cut, and this hair was long and brown, just like hers.’

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on his actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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