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He Worked as a Waiter For Eight Years at the Same Restaurant, Then Suddenly Got Fired for No Good Reason. Here’s How He Got His Revenge…

He Waited Tables at the Same Restaurant for 8 Years

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He worked as a waiter since 2016 at a local seafood restaurant. He considered himself a hard worker who always got along well with the customers and owner. 

He was Comfortable, and the Pay Was Good

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The pay was good, and the locals always tipped well. “On good shifts, I was clearing $300 cash,” he wrote online. “There was never any motivation for me to find another job,” he continued.

The Pandemic Hit, and He Helped the Owner

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During the pandemic, he helped the owner stay afloat by taking a pay cut and helped package take away and delivery orders. Unfortunately, he wasn’t making much in tips either because customers stopped eating in, but he continued working and hoped things would return to normal in time. 

Over the Next Year, Locals Stopped Eating-In

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By 2022, most of the local customers continued placing orders online, and what was once primarily an eat-in restaurant now became a take-out joint. The owner decided it was time to change his business model.

He Got Fired

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The owner decided to fire about half the restaurant staff. He was fired at the end of his shift without explanation, and the owner didn’t even look him in the eyes. He had worked there longer than any other wait staff and felt he deserved an explanation.

He Was Angry

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There were plenty of other restaurants and bars looking to hire, but he was so angry and disliked the idea of working for another jerk. He vowed he was done working for someone else.

He Decided to Open a Restaurant

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He contacted one of the cooks who was fired the same day. He pitched him an idea to open their own restaurant – a fish & chips shop. There were plenty of vacant restaurants as the pandemic had destroyed several local businesses, and he was able to negotiate cheap rent in a move-in-ready space.

The Business Took Off

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He kept things simple, and the restaurant took off. He ran the front of the house, and his partner ran the kitchen. Within a year, the business was profitable, and he was ecstatic he had taken the leap and opened the restaurant.

He Sought Revenge

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He still had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to rub his success in his boss’s face. So he took out a giant local billboard advertising his fish & chips spot across the street in front of his old owner’s restaurant.

He Checked In with Old Colleges

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A Friend who still works at the old restaurant told him the old owner was angry about the ad. The owner thought the move was immature and viewed it as an attack to steal his business.

Life Continues, and He’s a Success

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He couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction and recently wrote he had no regrets about placing the ad to make his old employer envious of his success. It felt like a moment of redemption to him, and now he feels he got closure.

Was He Wrong?

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Was the man’s decision to place an ad in front of his old boss’s restaurant caddy, or was it reasonable?

Would you have let it go or wanted redemption as well?

Forum Responded

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One reader wrote: “Seems like a childish move. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with running your business that trying to sabotage another business owner who was in a tough spot?”

Another simply wrote: “Revenge is sweet.” 

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on his actions?

What would you have done?

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