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He Worked as a Software Developer for Five Years at the Same Company, Then Suddenly Got Fired for No Reason. Here’s How He Got Payback…

He Worked at the Same Company For 5 Years

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He worked as a software developer for several years at a small tech company. He always showed up on time and worked hard, he thought he was an excellent employee.

He Had a Horrible Boss

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His boss was a micro-manager who constantly belittled and berated him. He didn’t like working for the boss, but the pay was good and he was comfortable at the company.

He Was Unjustly Fired

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One day he was abruptly called into his boss’s office. The boss fired him for a minor mistake, even though they had an otherwise spotless record. He was shocked that after five years he was fired without any opportunity to fix his small mistake.

He Became Depressed

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He was devastated and felt totally wronged by his boss. He had trouble accepting his current situation and didn’t feel he could move one.

He Sought Payback

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After stewing over the loss of his job for several weeks he decided we would take revenge by hacking into their former employer’s computer system. He didn’t care if his plan would hurt the company or his boss directly, he was angry with everyone.

He Took Revenge

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He used his coding skills to plant a virus in the system that would cause it to crash and corrupt an important company database. He built the virus and planted it using his extensive knowledge of the company’s infrastructure and internal software.

He Created an Alibi

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He thought if any trace of the virus emerged and the company investigated the incident, he might be on a shortlist of suspects. So he set the virus to activate at a specific time, which was several months in the future.

He Got a New Job

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Within a month he got a new job and moved on with his life. He didn’t forget what he had set in motion, but considered it done. He felt closure and was moving on with his life.

The Virus Activated

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Several months later, the virus activated and caused the company’s system to crash, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

He Felt Vindicated

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He felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that they had gotten revenge on his former boss and company after they unjustly fired him after years of loyal service.

The Company Investigated

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The company launched an investigation to find out who was responsible for the hack. They examined internal and external threats and even considered if an outside competitor had staged the assault.

The Case Was Unsolved

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The man was never caught or suspected, and he continued to work at their new job as is nothing had happened. He did feel some relief after learning their investigation had turned out futile.

He Reconsidered His Actions

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The man realized that revenge wasn’t as satisfying as he thought it would be and that they had stooped even lower than his former boss’s level. He felt terrible about what he had done, and realized it hurt the company more than it directly impacted his horrible boss.

He Decided to Move On

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He decided to focus on being the best he could be on his new job and was able to let go of the anger he had towards their former boss.

He Considered It a Life Lesson

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The man chalked up the entire experience to a life lesson and considered it a closed chapter. He stated he learned an important lesson about the consequences of revenge and the importance of moving on from the past.

Was He Wrong?

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Was the man’s decision to seek revenge on his old company foolish, or was it reasonable?

Would you have let it go or wanted redemption as well?

Forum Responded

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One reader wrote: “While I don’t condone hacking, I can understand the guy’s desire for revenge. It’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting anger and resentment consume you.”

Another reader stated, “I love that you [the man] learned from his mistake and grew as a person. It’s a great reminder that even when we make mistakes, we can still learn from them and become a better person.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on his actions?

What would you have done differently?

Inspiration for this story came from here.

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