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She Bravely Shaved Her Head During Lockdown, But She Didn’t Anticipate Her Husband’s Reaction to Her Growing Curls.

The journey of the Original Poster (OP) is more than just about hair; it’s about identity, love, and compromise. As OP cycles through styles, from long curls to a brave shaved head, tensions with her husband climax over a seemingly simple act: a hand running through curls. But can the intricacies of a relationship be untangled as quickly as hair?

A Decade Ago

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When they first met, OP had long, curly red hair. Within a few months, she opted for a long bob, followed by an adorable pixie cut. Her then-boyfriend, now husband, expressed his admiration, likening her to a fairy.

Tresses for Tying the Knot

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For their wedding, OP grew out her hair to style it in a wispy romantic updo with flowing tendrils. She maintained the lengthy style, keeping it for several years. It was not until after the birth of their second child that she reconsidered its length.

Motherhood and Mane

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Following her second child’s birth in 2020, OP faced extensive postpartum hair loss. She had thinning hair and patches missing. Adding to the distress, her newborn tended to tug at the baby hairs on her neck irritating her and causing her daily frustration.

The Appearance-Altering Decision

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With the world in lockdown, a bold decision was on the horizon. Inspired by social media influencers and long-seated desire to live a simpler life, OP decided it was time. It was time to shave her head.

The Bold Buzz

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Seizing an opportunity, OP grabbed the clippers she used to buzz her four-year-old son’s hair. She used the shortest setting and section by section shaved her head. When finished, she examined herself in the mirror and, to her delight, fell in love with her bald look.

Husband’s Hopeful Hints

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OP’s husband, although supportive of her choices, frequently voiced his preference. He often said, “I can’t wait until your hair is long again,” hinting at his preference. However, OP loved her shaved head so much that she did it twice more.

Curly Comeback

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After some time, OP changed her hair and let her curls regrow. Although still short, almost pixie-length, the ringlets were vibrant. OP was ecstatic, loving every twist and turn of her curly locks.

A Simple Request

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With her newly returned curls, OP had one request for her husband: to avoid running his fingers through her hair. The action disrupted her curls, leading them to frizz. She hoped he’d understand.

Morning Mishap

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One morning, her husband disregarded her request. He aggressively ran his fingers through her curls, prompting OP to pull his hand away gently. She reminded him of her earlier plea, hoping for understanding.

Sudden Sourness

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After the hair incident, the atmosphere grew tense. OP’s husband’s mood shifted to grumpiness. The once-simple request now seemed to be a point of contention between them. While she preferred the ease of short hair, she also wanted to make her husband happy.

Growing for Gratitude

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OP’s choice to let her hair grow was a gesture intended to make her husband more attracted to her. She wanted him to be happy, even though she preferred her hair short. The tension was hard for her to comprehend.

Styling Struggles

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Growing out hair has its challenges. Styling became essential, especially to maintain the beauty of OP’s curls. She didn’t want anyone, not even her husband, to ruin the look she worked hard to achieve.

Touchy Topics

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Hair, surprisingly, had become a sensitive topic in their household. Touching her curls was now loaded with emotions and unspoken words. OP wondered about the fairness of it all. She was compromising, letting her hair grow out for him.

Friction over Frizz

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Her love for her curly mane was evident. All she wanted was for it to look its best. The frizz caused by careless touches was a concern she couldn’t overlook. Left in a state of confusion and mild frustration, OP asks if she is in the wrong for setting boundaries about her own hair.

A Hairy Dilemma

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Her story reflects personal choice, relationship dynamics, and the unexpected significance of hair. OP’s journey from long curls to shaved head and back again is intertwined with love, self-expression, and the complexities of partnership.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and perspective from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “You have a right to enforce boundaries around your body and personal space, including who can touch your hair and when.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I have curly hair, and I also don’t like people touching it. My partner never touches my hair because of the same issue; it gets frizzy, and it messes up my hair texture, which irritates me. He should respect your boundaries.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “As a fellow short-haired woman, I understand this so much. My husband was very supportive of shaving my head during the first round of lockdowns and helps me keep it shaved to this day.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter


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Another reader commented, “Acting grumpy toward your partner because they had to ask you again not to touch them in a way they’ve already told you they dislike is not cool.”

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