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Grandfather’s Will Sparks a Family Feud, and His Unorthodox Inheritance Point System Turns Relatives Against Each Other.

In this compelling story shared by the original poster (OP), a grandfather’s unique method of distributing his inheritance creates a whirlwind of family conflict. As the truth behind a secret clause in the will is revealed, shockwaves are sent to the entitled family members.

An Unexpected Friendship

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OP and his friend’s grandfather developed a unique friendship, which led to OP becoming the elderly man’s unofficial fifth grandson. This bond grew as OP, and his friend assisted the grandfather daily due to his reluctance to enter a nursing home.

A Fateful Past

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Before the onset of this friendship, the OP served in civil service, specifically in a retirement home. This was a part of mandatory service in place of army service, which he found profoundly enriching.

Answering a Plea

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One day, the OP’s friend approached him for help with his grandfather. Having gained professional experience in elderly care, OP was asked to show his friend how to assist his grandpa with daily tasks. Grateful for his friend’s honesty about the situation, OP agreed.

End of an Era

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OP’s involvement in the grandfather’s care was initially meant to last for a few weeks, but it extended to over six months. However, their collective efforts came to an abrupt end when the grandfather suffered a stroke and shortly after passed away. This tragic event led to an unexpected revelation about the grandfather’s last will.

The Last Will

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OP was asked by his friend to attend the reading of the grandfather’s will, as he was notified by the lawyer that the OP had been mentioned in it. The grandfather had requested that his will be read the day before his burial, which was unusual but not illegal. The entitlement of the friend’s father and uncle was evident as they questioned OP’s presence.

Confronting Entitlement

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The father and uncle were disrespectful towards the OP, accusing him of hoping for a share in the will. Despite their entitlement, OP held his ground, responding, “I was asked to be here by the lawyer; take it up with him; I have no idea why I am here.”

The Verbal Battle

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A heated exchange occurred as the OP’s friend defended his presence against the entitled duo. The friend boldly called them out for their lack of respect toward their late father. He said, “You two get exactly as much respect from me as you showed your own father—NONE.”

The Plans for Inheritance

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As they waited for others to arrive, the entitled duo discussed their plans for spending the inheritance. Their blatant disregard for their late father’s memory aggravated OP further.

The Unusual Will

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The lawyer began reading the grandfather’s will, which contained an unanticipated complex system of distribution. The grandfather had devised a point system based on the frequency and quality of interactions with him. The points determined the share of the inheritance each person would receive.

A Fair Distribution

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The point system revealed a stark contrast in the family’s care for the grandfather. OP’s friend and OP had significantly higher points than the rest of the family, reflecting their dedication toward the grandfather’s care. This unique system embodied the grandfather’s desire for fair treatment.

The Fury Unleashed

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Upon hearing about the point system, the entitled duo erupted in anger. They accused OP and the friend of manipulation and vowed to contest the will. The entitled duo and their children ultimately launched a series of lawsuits against the will, contesting its validity.

The Legal Battle

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These legal battles stretched over three long years, testing the patience and resolve of OP and his friend. Finally, the lawsuits concluded, and the inheritance was distributed as per the grandfather’s wishes. OP was taken aback by the substantial sum he received, feeling that it was more than he deserved. However, his friend persuaded him to accept it.

The Just Desserts

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In the end, those who had truly cared for the grandfather were rewarded, while those who had only seen him as a means to an end received nothing. The entitled duo, who had hoped to fund their lifestyles with the inheritance, were left empty-handed due to their greed.

The Final Reflection

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OP ended his recount by reflecting on the events that unfolded, stressing the importance of genuine care and dedication. He found solace in his friend’s support and accepted the grandfather’s gift. Although the whole ordeal was emotionally draining, it served as a stark reminder of the values that truly matter in life.

Was The Grandfather’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “This is the greatest method of allocating inheritance I’ve ever heard. I am shocked the two men had such low points over three years… glad Grandpa kept his wits right until the end!”

Different Perspective

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Another responder wrote: “I can’t help but feel sorry for the grandfather that he actually had to do something like this. Whatever happened to love and respect?”

Another Viewpoint

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A different person states, “Kudos to the grandpa, he was a savage until the very end. Imagine him counting the points every single day after you and your friend left.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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