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His Grandfather Steps in and Delivers an Ingenious Plan For Retaliation Against an Uncle Who Inherits His Mother’s Estate Unfairly.

In this intriguing tale recounted by the Original Poster (OP), we journey through a deeply personal family conflict where the OP’s grandfather ingeniously retaliates against his brother, Lee, who had exploited their morphine-addicted mother to inherit her entire estate. The climax builds as Lee invests heavily in a property he can’t sell, while the grandfather, using the land’s particular restrictions to his advantage, drives Lee into a corner.

A Sibling Bond

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OP’s grandfather and his brother, named Lee, share a tradition of meeting at a local pub every Saturday night. However, this time the brother is noticeably absent, having unexpectedly moved out of town. OP’s grandfather is unaware of the implications this move carries with it.

The Brother’s Betrayal

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Unbeknownst to the grandfather, Lee has moved across the country to stay with their ailing mother. He cunningly seizes the opportunity as she battles a heavy morphine addiction and manipulates her into rewriting her will. The mother’s judgment, clouded by her dependence on morphine, works in Lee’s favor.

A Lopsided Will

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OP’s great-grandmother passes away, leaving behind a sizeable estate. During the reading of her will, it’s revealed that Lee is the sole beneficiary, causing an uproar among the family members. However, the will is ironclad, having been witnessed and signed off by her attorney.

The Outcast

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The family is outraged at Lee’s manipulation, and he becomes a pariah. Even though the situation seems bleak, everyone concedes to the terms of the will, except for the OP’s grandfather, who embarks on a plan to retaliate.

A Strategic Purchase

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Lee inherits a valuable plot of land in the rural US. The land has one minor issue—it can’t support a septic tank currently situated on the neighboring property. Unaware of this fact, Lee doesn’t buy the adjacent land, but OP’s grandfather does, creating a significant problem for Lee’s future plans.

Investing in the Estate

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Lee invests over $300,000 into renovating the inherited house, hoping to sell it for a hefty profit. But before he can sell, he needs approval from a building inspector. The inspector’s visit leads to an unexpected revelation.

The Septic Tank Dilemma

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The building inspector identifies the problem with the septic tank’s location—it’s not on Lee’s land. He informs Lee that the house cannot be sold unless this issue is rectified. Lee approaches the neighbors to buy the land with the septic tank, only to hit a snag.

The Unattainable Plot

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The neighbors reveal to Lee that they’ve already sold the plot with the septic tank. The buyer? OP’s grandfather, who, to Lee’s shock, refuses to sell him the land. The grandfather’s ingenious plot has put Lee into a real predicament.

Stuck with a Worthless Property

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Now, Lee finds himself with a renovated house he can’t sell. The inability to move the septic tank to his property and the grandfather’s refusal to sell the necessary land puts Lee in a deadlock. The hefty investment he made into the house is seemingly for naught.

The Stubborn Standoff

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Caught in a bind, Lee has no choice but to offer his land to OP’s grandfather, but the grandfather only offers $5,000. However, Lee, in his stubbornness, refuses to sell. The standoff between the two brothers intensifies.

The Checkmate

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With the grandfather’s strategic play, Lee is put into a checkmate situation. He’s left with no choice but to sell the house and land to the grandfather or keep the house he doesn’t want, but he won’t accept the lowball offer. This stalemate between the two brothers shows no signs of ending soon.

The Unwanted Land

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Interestingly, the grandfather isn’t even interested in the land or the house. His entire motive lies in paying back Lee for his betrayal. He’s satisfied knowing that Lee can’t profit from their mother’s estate.

Lee’s Downfall

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Because of his stubbornness, Lee is now barely making ends meet while living on his plot of land. The valuable estate he was counting on has now become a source of financial drain, all due to his underhanded tactics.

The Unyielding Stalemate

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Despite his dire circumstances, Lee still refuses to concede defeat and sell the property to OP’s grandfather. The ongoing dispute underscores the gravity of the betrayal that started this all. The standoff remains unresolved as neither brother is willing to budge.

Endgame: Unresolved

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Despite their years-long feud, the stalemate persists. Neither Lee nor the grandfather is willing to yield, each standing their ground. As a testament to his betrayal, Lee’s life of hardship continues, while OP’s grandfather stands as a symbol of his mother’s vindication.

Was The Grandfather’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Unfortunately, this type of greed in families is commonplace. In the south, it’s spot on that there will be a set of kids that will be at the house first before other siblings, just rifling through everything and taking all the best stuff.

It’s countless how many times I’ve witnessed this behavior. It’s beyond disgusting.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Does Lee have kids? If so, will you and Lee’s kids continue the feud through the next generation?”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “Septic tanks require maintenance. I would charge the brother a fee for maintaining his skeptic tank, and I would charge rent because it is on my property.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Your grandfather executed his revenge beautifully and is now playing the long game.

I hope your grandfather gets to see Lee finally admit defeat, but if he doesn’t, I hope then that your grandfather outlives Lee.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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