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Grandfather Steals from His Own Family, But His Grandson Uncovers the Truth and Delivers Sweet Revenge.

In this gripping tale, the Original Poster (OP) uncovers their grandfather’s deception and greed, culminating in a dramatic confrontation that finally restores justice to the family’s legacy.

Father’s Legacy

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OP recounts their father’s hard work to support the family, build businesses, and study law, all while battling stage 4 stomach cancer. Despite a grim prognosis, OP’s father remained present, even smiling at OP toward the end of his life. After his death, the family was left with little financial support.

Enter the Grandfather

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OP’s self-centered grandfather offered to help control the businesses, focusing on his son’s achievements for his own image. He took advantage of OP’s mother’s inexperience and lack of options. The family struggled, with their mother working multiple jobs.

Scholarships and Support

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OP earned multiple scholarships, reducing the financial burden on the family. Meanwhile, he also helped put OP’s siblings through school. However, the family’s financial situation remained challenging.

The Truth Revealed

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OP learns that their grandfather had been siphoning money from the businesses for himself, lying about the companies’ earnings, and essentially cutting the family off from their own money. This deception forced OP’s siblings to abandon some of their educational opportunities. OP said, “What’s worse is that this was our father’s money, and we know that he’d wanted it to help us provide for our futures even after he died.”

Exposing the Office Scam

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OP discovers that their grandfather used his position to rent out the company’s original office space to competitors. This revelation fueled OP’s determination for revenge. The family’s financial struggles continued.

Pride and Ownership

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Realizing their legal ownership of their father’s shares, OP gains support from their family and exposes their grandfather’s unethical practices to the extended family. OP becomes the sole representative of their father’s estate, putting them in a position to take control. The stage is set for confrontation.

The Chairman’s Fall

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OP convinces the board of directors to make him the chairman, replacing his grandfather. OP forces the eviction of the company’s main competitor from the office space, setting things right. The moment for revenge has arrived.

The Ultimate Reveal

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In a dramatic board meeting, OP confronts his grandfather, announcing their control over their father’s estate. When their grandfather says, “Do you know that I’m the one who put him and his siblings through school?” OP replies with “No. Dad did.” This shatters the grandfather’s pride and leaves him visibly defeated.

Taking Control

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After ousting his grandfather, the OP steps down from the chairman position and works in the treasury department, ensuring their father’s money goes where it was intended. OP also secures a job for his mother within the company, providing stability for the family. The grandfather is left jobless.

Consequences and Regret

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The grandfather’s selfish and self-centered behavior leaves him without friends or support, and even his wife is surprised to learn of his embezzlement. OP hopes he will regret not living with more compassion and humility. The family’s financial situation begins to improve.

Legalities and Cleanup

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Hiring a team of lawyers, OP works to resolve any legal issues arising from the situation. The lawyers confirm OP’s suspicions and help to set things right. The family continues to rebuild.

Final Update

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OP reveals the grandfather is now miserable, as his wife is angry over the siphoning of their money to fund an extramarital affair. The grandfather’s actions continue to create rifts within the family. A New Beginning With the grandfather’s actions exposed and OP taking control, the family starts to heal.

Reflection and Growth

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OP and their family reflect on their experiences, understanding the importance of honesty, compassion, and standing up for themselves. They grow stronger as a family, honoring their father’s legacy and moving forward together.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the online forum had a lot of mixed views of the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Should’ve been like ‘you are not needed here anymore… didn’t you get the memo?’”

Another responder wrote: “I was gladdened to see you knew you weren’t qualified to run the company and stepped down after exacting the revenge. Recognizing your own limitations is not a sign of weakness.”

A different person states, “It could probably have happened anywhere. Greed finds a way.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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