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She Considered Her Stretch Marks as Nature’s Beauty, But Her Friend’s Disturbing Comparison Left Everyone Speechless.

In a quest for the perfect summer swimsuit, the Original Poster (OP) finds herself trapped in a conflict with her seemingly “helpful” friend over body image and stretch marks. As OP navigates the terrain of post-pregnancy self-acceptance, her friend’s unsolicited remarks climax in an unexpected, shocking analogy. The tension escalates, leaving readers to wonder: Can the bond of friendship withstand such a rift?

Online Shopping Spree

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OP, at the age of 31, was excitedly browsing bathing suits online. With beach season approaching and Covid restrictions lifting, it was the perfect time to get a new swimsuit. Together with her 30-year-old friend, they explored different options.

The Marks of Motherhood

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Being a mother of two young kids, OP had visible stretch marks on various parts of her body – a testament to her journey of motherhood. While they were noticeable, OP had both one-piece and two-piece bathing suits in her collection.

Choices and Critiques

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That day, OP’s choice leaned towards revealing two-piece bathing suits. She came across a trendy bikini with high-rise bottoms that caught her eye. Confidently, she felt she would look decent in it.

The Unsolicited Opinion

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Her friend, who has a history of being oh-so-helpful-and-honest, questioned OP’s choice. She pointed out the stretch marks and advised OP to opt for a one-piece. The comment implied that OP needed to cover up her “mom pouch.”

Standing Ground

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Keeping her composure, OP reminded her friend that stretch marks are common among many, resulting from various reasons, not just pregnancy. To OP, the beach wasn’t a runway but a place to relax and tan.

The Definition of Beauty

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Her friend insisted, “she won’t look sexy at the beach.” OP was stunned, wondering why a friend would say something so hurtful. The friend continued, “Isn’t that what you said? Even if something is common or popular, it doesn’t mean it’s good.”

A Bitter Quote

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To OP’s shock, her friend quoted a past statement of hers, linking it to the current topic. It was a one-time conversation about politics where OP mentioned Hitler’s rise to power as a popular but wrong choice. A stark and inappropriate comparison was drawn.

The Striking Response

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After a moment of silence, OP gave a curt, to-the-point reply. She said that maybe they shouldn’t go to the beach together, sarcastically pointing out her “disgusting body” in light of her friend’s comments.

Downplaying the Drama

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The friend tried to play down her hurtful remarks. She dismissed OP’s feelings and insisted she was merely trying to be helpful. The mere suggestion that people would stare at OP’s body added to the tension.

A Strained Visit

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A palpable awkwardness characterized the remainder of their time together. While OP was upset, her friend seemed to be in denial about the impact of her words, unable or unwilling to take responsibility for them.

Pretending All’s Well

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After the incident, the friend acted as if nothing had happened. She hoped to brush off the incident and expected things to return to normal. But OP did not yield to her friends hopes and expectations.

The Unapologetic Text

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OP’s distance was met with a text from her friend. The message accused OP of blowing things out of proportion. Surprisingly, it lacked an apology, asserting that the friend’s intentions were good.

A War Within

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OP was left in a state of anger and disbelief. She contemplated whether her reactions were too much or justifiable. She wondered if her feelings resulted from her inherent nature to hold grudges and not let things go or the actual intensity of the situation.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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In search of clarity, OP turned to the internet for opinions. She posted her story, seeking views on whether she was overly sensitive or had a legitimate reason to be upset. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed opinions on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Your friend is an idiot. People will not be standing around staring at you. People have stretch marks. It happens. They are not a visual insult to others.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I’m assuming your friend wants to pick up guys at the beach and thinks your stretch marks will somehow detract from that or possibly give away her age. You rock your two-piece and your stretch marks. I wish more people would.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Most people who say they are ‘brutally honest’ seem more interested in the brutality than the honesty.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “That’s the rudest thing I’ve ever heard. I would never say anything along those lines unless specifically asked with a gun to my head.”

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