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Couple’s Attempt to Install an Eco-friendly Roof Drew HOA’s Opposition, But A Legal Surprise Would Redefine the Community Forever.

When the Original Poster’s (OP) parents stand up to their Homeowners Association (HOA) to install an eco-friendly metal roof in hurricane-ridden Florida, they find themselves up against an outdated bylaw and a hefty fine. Caught in an intense battle against unjust regulation, the OP’s parents’ cunning strategy shakes the very foundation of the HOA.

Storm Aftermath

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Florida’s violent hurricane season wreaks havoc, damaging countless homes, including OP’s parents’ residence. The roof of their house suffers significant water damage, necessitating a complete overhaul. Homeowner’s insurance coverage allows them to explore roofing alternatives for a more resilient, sustainable option.

The New Roof

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OP’s parents, especially the father, display a keen financial insight, leaning towards a more expensive but highly durable metal roof. This eco-friendly option not only promises to withstand severe weather conditions but also contributes to energy conservation. The father, now enjoying a comfortable retirement, views this as a prudent investment.

Homeowners Association (HOA) Regulations

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The discovery of an outdated bylaw hinders the roofing plan. According to a 1989 ruling, metal roofs are strictly prohibited within the neighborhood, attracting fines and obligatory removal. The rule seems to target outdated tin roofs, a far cry from the modern, aesthetically appealing metal roofs OP’s parents plan to install.

The Plea

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OP’s parents contact the HOA, detailing their roofing plan and suggesting a revision of the archaic bylaw. The association seems receptive, acknowledging that other residents have expressed similar requests. Despite the initial optimism, weeks of waiting yielded no official response from the HOA.

Growing impatient and faced with an imminent need for a new roof, OP’s parents decide to proceed with the construction amidst supportive sentiments from neighbors and the initial HOA viewpoint. Ignoring the unresolved issue with the HOA, they invest in the installation of the metal roof.

The Brick Sign & HOA’s Plan

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The neighborhood’s hurricane-ravaged entrance sign and other repairs leave the HOA financially strapped. To raise funds, they decide to exploit the bylaw violations, starting with OP’s parents. A $25,000 fine and a demand to dismantle the new roof arrive, causing considerable distress, especially for OP’s rule-abiding mother.


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OP’s father, a seasoned contract negotiator, braces for a showdown with the HOA. They begin to strategize, researching laws and making key calls. Their preparation leads to a crucial discovery that promises to turn the tables.

The Standoff

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The HOA calls for a meeting, providing OP’s parents with a limited window to defend their actions. The association relies on the dated bylaw, confident in its authority to enforce it. OP’s mother, however, has an ace up her sleeve.

The State Law

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OP’s mother reveals a Florida law that safeguards any eco-friendly home improvements against regulations, including those imposed by the HOA. Their metal roof, offering passive solar benefits, qualifies as an eco-friendly modification. With this revelation, the HOA’s demand begins to lose its footing.

The Roofing Contractors

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The roofing contractors provide further backing for the eco-friendly claim, furnishing letters of accreditation and previous court rulings that supported their product as environmentally friendly. The HOA, financially challenged and unable to afford legal representation, concedes to this irrefutable proof.

A Bold Move

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OP’s mother drops another bombshell. Referring to the bylaws, she initiates a move to impeach the existing board members. She proposes a new board, nominating her husband and a few others, much to the HOA’s astonishment.

The Neighborhood Votes

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During the HOA’s public hearing, OP’s mother leverages the neighborhood’s discontent with the board’s management. She garners enough support to dethrone the old board, leveraging her popularity among the homeowners.

A New Beginning

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Following a swift election, OP’s parents are elected to the newly formed board, with OP’s father heading the initiative to repair the damaged neighborhood entrance. With popular support, they drive changes in the HOA, revising outdated policies and regulations. A wave of reform sweeps over the neighborhood, marking a significant turning point in the community.

The Victory

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With their parents at the helm of the HOA, OP revels in their triumph over the outdated system. The hefty fine is rescinded, and the new metal roof remains, a testament to their successful stand against unfair regulation. A sense of justice prevails, and the neighborhood basks in a newfound respect for eco-friendly changes.

Was The Couple’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Be careful as members of the board for the HOA. You can be held personally liable for decisions made as a board member. And you’ve just p***** off a bunch of people. You need to make sure that your parents’ HOA has directors’ and officers’ insurance. And that the insurance is enough to cover multiple lawsuits. I’d also recommend that your parents get an umbrella policy on their home for any other nonsense.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Never, ever, mess with the sweet older ladies. They are quiet because they’re constantly thinking of ways to destroy you. High five, Mom! Dad did pretty awesomely, too.”

A Third View On The Story

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A different person states, “Not even joking…I am in the middle of a very similar fight right now with my HOA. We are installing a Tesla Roof, but they have denied it since it is ‘not in accordance with the tiles as required.’”

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