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Next-Door Neighbor Opposes Her New Fence, But She Stands Her Ground in an HOA Showdown.

In a tumultuous neighborhood saga, the original poster (OP) erects a fence around her property, leading to heated disputes with her next-door neighbors. As the tension escalates, a climactic homeowners association (HOA) council meeting is called.

Boundary Beginnings

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OP and her wife buy an old family house that has a garden that borders the neighboring property. The neighbor’s kids, familiar with the open yard, continue to play freely. However, OP plans to construct a shed, plant a garden, and start an adoption process, raising the need for a fence.

A Neighborly Proposal

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OP, with experience in fence construction, approaches the neighbor about the idea of setting up a fence. The neighbor declines, citing the noise of construction could disturb their newborn. He also expresses concern about potential injuries with the proposed shed and fence.

Unexpected Departure

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On a Thursday evening, OP observes the neighbor packing their car and driving away. By Saturday morning, they still haven’t returned, providing an ideal opportunity for OP to construct the fence without causing any disturbance.

Fencing on a Whim

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OP decides to seize the opportunity to build the fence while the neighbors are away. She purchases the necessary materials, and by Sunday, a sturdy wooden fence is standing between the two properties. The fence, under a meter tall and on her property, doesn’t require permission from the HOA council or the neighbor.

The Returning Neighbors

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Monday night, the neighbors return, and by Tuesday morning, a knock on OP’s door disrupts the peace. The neighbor demands that OP remove the fence, claiming it’s an eyesore and fearing his kids could get hurt. OP stands firm, insisting the fence will stay.

Unforeseen Friction

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The husband argues that he should have been consulted about the fence as it borders his property. He adds that his wife considers the fence unattractive. Still, OP remains confident that she’s in the right, both legally and ethically.

The Bone of Contention

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The issue of contention is the newly erected picket fence, made of pale wood and professionally finished on both sides. However, the visible nails on OP’s side become a topic of dispute, despite her openness to painting them.

An Expert’s Assurance

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After receiving various unsolicited advice about the quality and construction of the fence, OP asserts her expertise. With several years of professional experience and qualifications in fencing, she emphasizes that she knows what she’s doing.

Silent Neighbors

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Days go by without any conversation between OP and the neighbors. The children from the next-door neighborhood stare longingly at the fence, reminiscing their play times in the large garden. The tension is palpable every time OP and her wife step into their garden.

The Neighborhood Council

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The neighbor decides to take the issue to the neighborhood HOA, alleging OP has violated community aesthetics. However, having followed the rules regarding fence height and positioning, OP remains undeterred. The council meeting is set for the following week.

Drawing a Line

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With the council meeting looming, OP consults with a lawyer to ensure her legal standing is strong. Armed with supporting documents and her property’s blueprints, she is ready to defend her decision. Her aim is clear: to establish a firm boundary between her property and the neighbor.

The Council Verdict

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The council meeting takes place, with neighbors presenting their views on the fence. Despite the concern expressed by the neighbor, the council finds in favor of OP, acknowledging her rights as a property owner. The fence stays.

A Bittersweet Victory

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Despite her triumph at the council meeting, OP feels the strain of the frosty relationship with the next-door neighbor. The neighbors limit their interactions, exchanging stiff nods and formal greetings. Life after the fence is proving to be a different reality than OP initially imagined.

A New Beginning

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Meanwhile, OP and her wife receive exciting news: their adoption process is progressing well. This new development strengthens their resolve to make the garden a secure and welcoming space for their future child. Despite the external conflicts, their shared dream of building a family stays intact.

Was The OP’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “It’s not like you’re laying the groundwork for good neighborly relations, but the neighbor sounds like an entitled a**.”

Another responder wrote: “They should have stopped their kids using your property when it became your property; any arrangement was with the last owner, not you.”

A different person states, “I’ll never understand where people get off thinking they can tell other people what to do with their property. Tell him to go kick rocks.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This is a true story inspired by a post on Reddit.

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