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Man’s Ex-wife’s Affair Forced Him to Support an Illegitimate Child, But a DNA Test Reveals a More Complicated Familial Bond.

In a story of profound betrayal and unexpected familial ties, the Original Poster (OP) discovers that his youngest child, born of his ex-wife’s infidelity, might be related to him in a different, unexpected way.

A Family Shattered

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OP, a father of three, discovers the painful truth: his youngest child, Sophie, is not biologically his due to his ex-wife’s infidelity. The lie unravels when OP is 30 years old and 2-year-old Sophie is rushed to the hospital for an emergency, where bloodwork ultimately leads OP to investigate and uncover his fear that his wife may have had an affair.

The Years Pass

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His ensuing divorce is bitter, but OP, he ends up with shared custody of his biological children, Adam and Chris but not Sophie. Resentment builds as OP is legally required to provide child support for Sophie, a constant reminder of his ex-wife’s betrayal, but he does not possess a biological father’s rights.

Building Anew

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Despite his heartbreak, OP finds love again. His new wife brings with her a daughter, Katie, and OP embraces her as his own. They form a happy, blended family full of laughter, vacations, and after-school events – a stark contrast to his previous family dynamic.

Inheritance of Responsibility

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OP’s commitment to his sons’ future is unquestionable, providing for their education, apartments, and cars. His dedication extends to Katie, and he prepares to support her through college as well. A social media post celebrating his sons’ impending graduations brings an unexpected message from his ex-wife.

The Demand

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OP’s ex-wife reaches out with a request: to solely fund Sophie’s college expenses due to financial hardship induced during the pandemic. OP is taken aback, reminding her of his legal obligation, which ended when Sophie turned 18. He clarifies that his commitment to Katie was different – a choice, not a consequence of deception.


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Angry at OP’s refusal, his ex-wife questions why he’d support Katie but not Sophie since neither is biologically related to him. OP defends his position, explaining that his acceptance of Katie was knowing and willing, unlike the deceit that resulted in his support for Sophie. The exchange leaves the ex-wife furious, and soon, Sophie herself gets involved.

Painful Truths

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Sophie contacts OP, her voice is full of hurt, asking why he hates her. OP assures her that he doesn’t hate her, explaining that his actions aren’t personal – he simply isn’t her father. Following this, reports come in from Adam and Chris about Sophie’s escalating depression, causing OP to further question his decisions.


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Despite OP’s clarity about his relationship with Sophie, his ex-wife had been falsely promising Sophie that her behavior and academic performance could rekindle their father-daughter bond. This revelation causes a significant argument between Sophie and her mother, leading to Sophie going to her mother’s home. Lost and in need of a safe space, Sophie turns to her siblings, who then contact OP.

An Unexpected House Guest

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Given Sophie’s dire circumstances, OP and his wife take her in. Despite his bitterness, he cannot deny a child in need. But beneath the newfound living arrangements, a question lingers – a doubt sowed by some that despite Sophie’s blood type, she might still be his biological child.

The DNA Test

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With Sophie under his roof and DNA testing much more conclusive than 20-year-old blood typing, OP decided to make a bold decision. Haunted by the possibility of Sophie being his biological child, OP conducts a DNA test. To his disbelief, he secretly retests after he can’t believe the initial results and learns that Sophie is indeed related to him, just not as his daughter.

The Unveiling

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The results of the DNA test leave OP in turmoil. Feelings of betrayal and anger resurface as he grapples with the unexpected twist: Sophie is a relative but not his daughter. Confusion ensues, leaving him unsure how to break the news to Sophie and confront his ex-wife about the new revelation.

A Mystery Unfolds

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With the DNA test confirming a familial connection, the reality of the situation becomes even more complicated. The question of Sophie’s parentage deepens as the test contradicts the initial belief that Sophie was the result of his ex-wife’s one-night stand.

Old Wounds Reopened

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The revelation from the DNA test rekindles the pain and anger that OP had once put behind him. The old wounds from his ex-wife’s betrayal reemerge, darker and deeper than before. A flood of uncertainty and remorse drowns OP, questioning the choices he had made regarding Sophie.

A Daughter, Not His Own

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OP agonizes over how to share this information, afraid of further alienating Sophie. Despite his resentment, he is plagued by the potential heartache this truth may bring Sophie and does not know how to digest this information himself.

A Future Uncertain

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As the story unfolds, the future remains uncertain for OP, Sophie, and their intertwined lives. Despite the intense emotions and conflicts, they must face the harsh truths and work towards understanding, acceptance, and healing. The path may be difficult, but it is the only way forward for them.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “It sounds like trickle truthing might still be in play here and that she does know who Sophie’s biological Dad is but has elected to keep it a secret because the Dad is related to you. And that lie, if unearthed, will have obvious significant repercussions for everyone.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “That said, I empathize with Sophie. It’s not her fault her mom is a piece of trash, and she doesn’t know her real father.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “So she wasn’t your daughter. But you were her father? So how could you not love her back, just a bit?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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