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Son’s Shocking Decision to Forgo College for Business Venture Leaves Parents Divided, But His Next Move Could Make or Break Their Relationship.

When the Original Poster (OP) and his wife’s well-intentioned plan to guide their son’s career path comes under fire, a gripping tale of familial conflict, reconciliation, and personal growth unfolds.

The Dreamer’s Birth

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OP and his wife learn they are expecting a child and immediately begin saving for the future. Over the years, they amassed a considerable college fund that should cover undergraduate and possibly graduate school as well.

Cautiously Advising

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Despite their affluence, they encourage their son’s independence, guiding his decisions but allowing him to carve his own path. The focus is on his happiness, not academic or sports achievements.

Cap and Gown, No Tassel

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Upon approaching the end of high school, their son makes a surprising announcement: he has no desire to attend college. OP and his wife accept his decision, respecting his autonomy, even when he also declines trade schools and joins their family business. His unexpected aspirations seem to float directionless.

Untold Stories

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OP discloses that his son had previously planned a gap year before attending college, not mentioning his entrepreneurial aspirations until recently. The conflict thickens.

The Entrepreneurial Spark

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The son declares his intent to use the college fund to start his own business, an idea that gives shape to his vague plans. OP and his wife are taken aback but agree to the idea under one condition: he must attend business-related courses at a community college. They hope this will equip him with the knowledge and skills required to run a business successfully.

An Unexpected Backlash

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Their son vehemently reacts to their stipulation, accusing them of being unfair and using his college fund as leverage. OP and his wife are confused and hurt, believing they are only trying to ensure their son’s success.

The Digital Arena

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OP takes the issue to an online community seeking perspective and possibly a solution. He signs off after posting, not expecting much of a response. He is in for a surprise when he logs back in.

Echoes from the Crowd

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Returning to the online platform, OP is astounded by the response; hundreds of comments have poured in. He sifts through them, gaining insight and answering relevant queries. He discovers diverse viewpoints on his predicament.

The Ghost of the Past

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Critics argue that OP’s son may not understand the value of money due to his privileged upbringing. OP agrees, revealing his own humble beginnings as an escape from an abusive home. He acknowledges he has spoiled his son as a reaction to his own childhood.

The Unexpected Windfall

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OP recounts his journey to financial success, attributing it to hard work and the stroke of luck marrying his boss’s daughter, who brought with her a paid-off house and a thriving business. The parallels between his son’s entrepreneurial dreams and OP’s own life story start to emerge.

Fear and the Father

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Haunted by his own experiences, OP expresses his deep-rooted fear of becoming like his abusive parents. He fears his decision to control his son’s college fund may be a step toward that path. The external conflict with his son mirrors an internal struggle.

A New Blueprint

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OP decides to discuss the situation openly with his son, expressing his concerns, acknowledging his mistakes, and highlighting the importance of learning from his own experiences. He offers his son not only financial support but also his guidance and wisdom as a successful entrepreneur.

OP’s Decision

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While considering the best course of action, OP resolved that he would not blindly turn the money over to his son without some guidance toward business classes and influence on the investment. OP realizes this decision may cause irrevocable damage to the father-son relationship.

The Unwritten Chapter

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As OP waits for his son’s response, the story reaches a critical juncture. A lot is at stake: the son’s aspirations, the father’s fears, and the shared dreams they’ve cherished for years. As they navigate this crossroads, the final outcome remains uncertain.

Is The Man’s Decision Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “You’re trying to help him get and stay on a good track in life.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “I think your son is acting incredibly entitled and doesn’t realize how lucky he is to even have a college fund set aside for him. So many adults are drowning in student debt.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “It is not “his” college fund. It is his parents’ money saved for his future. Already, you are being very open-minded to not mandate college. The classes seem a bare minimum safety before handing a teenager almost half a million dollars.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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