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Father Chooses to Financially Support Son’s High-Earning Potential College Major Over Daughter’s Teaching Ambition, But a Surprise Intervention Offers a Glimmer of Hope.

In a family caught between dreams and financial realities, the Original Poster (OP) is torn between supporting his son’s costly dentistry studies and his daughter’s desire to teach, albeit at an expensive school. OP battles guilt, accusations of favoritism, and even his own self-doubt, but will he find a resolution that satisfies all parties?

Setting the Stage

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OP, a divorced father of two, is trying to fund both of his children’s education without any support from their mother. Jake, his son, has chosen a costly but prestigious university and plans to follow the family tradition of becoming a dentist. Despite the high costs, OP sees this as a viable investment, considering the high earning potential in the dental field.

A Dream Deferred

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Nikki, OP’s daughter, is set to graduate high school and dreams of attending a top-tier school in an expensive city. The twist: she dreams of becoming a middle school teacher, a career with significantly lower earning potential than dentistry. As such, OP feels hesitant about the high costs associated with her dream school.

The Tough Talk

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Despite his reservations, OP attempts to discuss the matter with Nikki. However, each discussion ends with Nikki becoming upset, accusing OP of favoritism and sexism, which intensifies the conflict between father and daughter. OP is adamant: he’s willing to pay for a high-cost education if it leads to a high-earning career.

Family Affair

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The family tension escalates as Nikki involves other family members in the disagreement. Some choose to stay neutral, some agree with OP, while others side with Nikki, accusing OP of playing favorites. This familial involvement adds another layer to the already complex situation.

Self-Doubt Creeps In

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Amidst the tension, OP begins to doubt his decision, feeling terrible for the apparent favoritism. He questions whether his approach is right, adding an emotional strain to the story. His self-doubt brings further instability to the situation.

Standing Firm

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Despite OP’s proposition, Nikki remains determined to become a middle school teacher. OP respects her choice but reiterates his refusal to pay the high cost of her chosen degree.

Potential Solutions

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OP explores various options to resolve the conflict. From offering to cover Nikki’s education in a state school to proposing she consider more financially rewarding career paths, he tries to find a solution that both respects Nikki’s dreams and makes financial sense.

The Supportive Network

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The supportive network of dental professionals in OP’s family continues to offer assistance and guidance to Jake, highlighting the benefits of following the family tradition. This acts as a counterpoint to Nikki’s struggle and further emphasizes the dilemma faced by OP.

The Appeal to Reason

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Despite the ongoing tension, OP attempts another conversation with Nikki, trying to explain his stance with empathy and logic. He highlights the financial constraints and his aim to make a wise investment for her future.

The Surprise Intervention

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Unexpectedly, Jake steps in, offering to contribute to Nikki’s education from his future earnings as a dentist. This unexpected offer from Jake puts an idealistic spin on the story and offers an added angle, but OP dismisses this idea as “idealistic youthful thinking.”

Nikki’s Resolution

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After months of no progress and OP’s refusal to budge, Nikki reevaluates her stance. She decides to attend the state school with a good education program, in her father’s unwavering perspective. This represents a significant turning point in the story, as Nikki seemingly relinquishes her dream school.

A United Family

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In the end, the family has navigated the conflict and is still united. As the story concludes, it leaves us considering the lasting impact this decision may hold for the familial bonds between the father and his children.

Was The Man’s Decision Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “This whole post reeks of favoritism. I hope the dentist switches to an art major halfway through.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “To be fair, you should at least pay what you are paying for your son’s education and let her take out student loans for the rest.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “People are delusional. There’s zero reason she needs to spend $75k a year for 4-5 years to become a teacher.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a post on Reddit.

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