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He Funded His Daughter’s Education Only to Be Deceived, Now He’s Demanding Repayment, But Will His Tough Stance Backfire?

When the Original Poster’s (OP) 19-year-old daughter opts to major in illustration instead of computer science, betraying OP’s expectations and financial investment, their family descends into a bitter dispute filled with lies, threats, and a potential legal battle.

The Change of Plans

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OP’s daughter, at the age of 19, decides to shift to pursue an illustration major instead of a computer science degree, as had always planned before attending university. OP was excited about his daughter pursuing a degree in a field he viewed as a safe and lucrative career choice offering a wider array of opportunities.

Forgot To Mention

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Realizing her parents may not be pleased, the daughter decided not to tell OP about her change in major. OP was under the impression that she was away at school diligently pursuing computer science courses.

Unveiling the Deception

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All seemed well until the unexpected arrival of an art exhibition invitation from his daughter’s school. OP, under the assumption his daughter was a computer science major, initially brushed it aside. But when he delved deeper, he discovered his daughter’s illustration work was chosen to be displayed, revealing her hidden pursuit.

The Betrayal

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This revelation, far from being a moment of pride, infuriated OP. His hard-earned tens of thousands had been invested in what he believed was a computer science degree, as per their agreement. Yet, the deception left OP feeling betrayed and deceived, causing a rift in their relationship.

An Ultimatum

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In response to the betrayal, OP issued an ultimatum: his daughter must fund her own education or change back her major. This drastic response was intended to hold his daughter accountable for her deceit. This sudden demand, however, sparked a new conflict within the family.

The Maternal Intervention

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OP’s wife, believing her husband’s reaction to being unreasonable, stepped in. She asserted that their 19-year-old daughter was incapable of funding her own education. Yet, OP held his ground, insisting his funding was contingent upon a computer science degree, nothing else.

The Unpaid Debt

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As OP dwelled on the situation, he further escalated by suggesting his daughter begin paying back the money she had supposedly “stolen.” His offer was seemingly reasonable—interest-free over the next eight years, but it was rooted in a feeling of betrayal. This new twist heightened the already simmering conflict.

The Familial Divide

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As the confrontation escalated, OP found both his wife and daughter upset with him. Their disapproval further strained the familial ties that were already on the verge of snapping. The initially concealed major change had spiraled into a full-fledged family conflict.

The Secret Alliance

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Without OP’s knowledge, his wife secretly began to support their daughter’s tuition fees from her own individual funds. She believed in her daughter’s talent and her right to choose her own career path. The situation became a battleground of opposing beliefs and loyalty within the family.

The Financial Strain

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Meanwhile, the mother’s covert financial support started to strain the family’s finances. The financial burden began to show strain on items the wife previously paid for as part of their marriage’s financial arrangement.

The Unearthed Secret

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The secret of the mother’s financial support inevitably came to light after six months. OP felt doubly deceived, this time by both the women in his life. The familial divide widened further, pushing them into a chasm of mistrust and disagreement.

The Mediator

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An old family friend, aware of the discord, decided to intervene after hearing about OP’s frustration for some time. Their involvement brought a new perspective to the ongoing strife but also heightened the tension. The outsider’s intervention created another layer of complexity in the already strained family dynamics.

The Emotional Confrontation

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Tired of the unending conflict, the daughter confronted her father, her emotional plea laying bare the impact of his actions on her. This confrontation brought their buried feelings to the surface, forcing OP to face the raw emotional fallout of his decisions. The interaction marked a potential turning point in their strained relationship.

OP found himself wavering. Despite his anger and sense of betrayal, he was forced to reconsider his stance. This final chapter signified a crucial crossroads, leaving OP undecided on the best course of action.

Was The Father’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “You can no more pick your kid’s major than you can choose whom they date and then marry. Sure, maybe her life would be easier with a rich partner, but her heart belongs to illustration.”

Another responder wrote: “My dad did the same thing to me. Guess what? We don’t talk anymore. Trying to control your daughter is a surefire way of losing her. Her work is being displayed in an exhibition; if it were my daughter, I would be sure to have front-row seats.”

A different person states, “She lied to you because she knew you’d be judgemental, cruel, and unsupportive. What’s wrong with wanting to major in something that she loves?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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