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He Enjoyed His Coworker’s Company, But Unveiling Her Secret Fanfiction at a Party Tore Their Relationship in Two.

In a fast-paced restaurant setting, the bond between the Original Poster (OP) and his assistant manager, Sophie, takes an unexpected turn. The discovery of a deeply personal fanfiction written by Sophie, mirroring their work relationship, creates an unsettling atmosphere. As OP decides to unveil her secret during a team celebration, the lines between playful banter and raw vulnerability blur, culminating in a dramatic exit.

A Friendly Duo at Work

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OP, a 27-year-old general manager, and his assistant manager Sophie, 23, form a close bond at a fast-food restaurant. They constantly prank each other, sharing light-hearted banter throughout their shifts. Both often end up working together, covering shifts when others call out.

The Hidden Hobby

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During quieter moments, Sophie immerses herself in writing fanfiction on her phone. OP occasionally teases Sophie about her secretive hobby. One day, she shares a snippet of her story with OP, and they both have a good laugh.

The Unexpected Discovery

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Driven by curiosity, OP recalls the line Sophie once read to him and decides to search for her fanfiction online. To his astonishment, he discovers a story about two fast-food workers falling in love. The story parallels their real-life interactions with similar conversations and situations they’ve experienced.

The Mirrored Characters

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The protagonist of the fanfiction eerily resembles Sophie, while the love interest bears striking similarities to OP. Not only do they work in a fast-food setting, but the male character, like OP, is married. Disturbingly, in the story, he cheats on his wife with Sophie’s character.

A Celebration Interrupted

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A few nights later, Sophie and the team celebrate some work-related achievements. True to their nature, Sophie surprises OP with a playful cupcake prank. Remembering the fanfiction, OP turns the tables on Sophie by reading out her story.

Shocking the Party

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As OP narrates the fanfiction aloud, Sophie’s amusement quickly turns to dismay. Upon realizing what he’s reading, tears form in her eyes. Their colleagues, unaware of the story’s origins, laugh along, thinking it’s just another prank.

Sophie’s Unexpected Exit

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Overwhelmed with embarrassment, Sophie flees the celebration after her most personal writing is exposed to the public. Her abrupt departure leaves everyone, especially OP, surprised and confused. The lively party atmosphere quickly dissipates.

Silence and Absence

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The following days are marked by Sophie’s unexplained absence from work. OP’s attempts to reach out to her go unanswered. Calls, texts, and messages remain unreturned as OP grows increasingly concerned.

An Uncomfortable Realization

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OP grapples with his feelings about Sophie’s fanfiction. While he initially saw it as mere fiction and an opportunity for another prank, he now wonders if it contained genuine emotions and heartfelt secrets. Sophie’s reaction at the party and subsequent avoidance add to his unease.

An Unsettled Team

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The rest of the staff noticed Sophie’s absence and the changed dynamic between the two managers. Whispers circulate, and speculation about the cause of their fallout spreads. The once-harmonious workplace grows tense.

Pondering Boundaries

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Reflecting on events, OP wonders if he crossed a line by publicizing Sophie’s personal writings. The blurred line between playful banter and genuine feelings becomes evident. However, OP also questions the appropriateness of Sophie’s story involving him.

An Effort to Reconnect

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Despite the awkwardness, OP’s concern for Sophie grows. He reaches out to mutual friends and colleagues, hoping to understand her perspective. Everyone remains tight-lipped, preserving Sophie’s privacy.

The Ethical Dilemma

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OP finds himself torn between defending his actions and feeling guilty. The revelation of the fanfiction brought their relationship into uncharted territory. OP grapples with the implications of Sophie’s feelings.

Seeking Outside Perspectives

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In his confusion, OP shares the entire story with friends, seeking feedback. He hopes to clarify whether he acted insensitively or if Sophie’s fanfiction was inappropriate. Feedback pours in, offering diverse perspectives.

The Weight of Silence

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Each day Sophie remains absent adds to OP’s guilt and worry. The once lively atmosphere at the restaurant feels muted. OP constantly replays the party’s events, wondering how things could have played out differently.

The Fragility of Friendship

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The bond between OP and Sophie, built on shared experiences and mutual trust, faces its biggest challenge. The line between personal and professional becomes blurred. OP remains uncertain about how to mend his relationship with Sophie.

Was The Manager’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online, hoping to gain constructive feedback and advice from a wider audience. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “They’re meant to laugh that Sophie is bad at doing something she works hard at. Let’s all laugh at Sophie. Not at something funny she did. Not because of something you did to her – just at her efforts and passions.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “You are a general manager at a restaurant. You deliberately searched for your employee’s private creation online and, without permission, shared it with the other employees, with whom you expected her to continue working.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “That wasn’t a prank. You intentionally embarrassed her in front of people. A prank is something silly when you both laugh together; this was mean-spirited, and it humiliated her. You should apologize.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “It was fanfiction, NOT technically about you or even tangentially connected to you in ANY WAY until you found it and read it to your coworkers. You broke her trust and then embarrassed her.”

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