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Woman Defends Her Granddaughter’s Legacy and Inheritance, But a DNA Test Puts Her Son’s Accusations About Her to the Test.

A mother, Mary, finds herself amidst a storm stirred by her own son Matthew’s selfishness and indifference towards his ex-wife, Josie, and their daughter, Ruth. As her husband’s impending death brings the question of inheritance to the fore, tensions escalate when Matthew’s bitter words prompt an unexpected reaction from the mother.

A Bond Beyond Blood

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Mary always considered her daughter-in-law, Josie, as a daughter despite her son Matthew’s infidelity, which led to the couple’s divorce. Matthew remarried quickly and estranged his own daughter, Ruth, leaving his mother and her husband to raise their grandchild. Their relationship with Ruth deepened while Matthew’s indifference cast a cold shadow.

Heartbreak and Home

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Matthew’s negligence of his family responsibilities extended to his father, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Ruth, who was particularly close to her grandfather, found this situation heart-wrenching. Matthew, on the other hand, dismissed their distress, stating they had other children to care for his father.

A Matter of Inheritance

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Matthew unexpectedly showed up one day, raising the issue of inheritance. Ignoring Josie and Ruth, he hinted at deserving a larger portion. This display of greed brought a new layer of tension into an already strained family dynamic.

Storms of Wrath

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Mary’s husband, unwilling to reward Matthew’s selfishness, declared his intent to favor Ruth and Bonnie (another grandchild) in his will. Enraged, Matthew slandered Ruth, and his father responded with equal fury.

Parting Words of Contempt

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In a big blowup, Matthew hurled insults at Josie and even called his daughter Ruth his mother’s love child. His mother retaliated, expressing that she would rather have Josie as a daughter than Matthew as a son. With that, she insisted that Matthew leave, marking a sharp escalation of the family feud.


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Soon after, Mary started receiving calls from Matthew’s new wife and friends, accusing them of overreacting. Accusations of favoritism flew, adding insult to the injury caused by Matthew’s earlier visit. The situation further spiraled, irritating the mother and driving an ever larger wedge between her and Matthew.

Uncertain Origins

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Matthew’s bitter words impacted Ruth deeply, stirring doubts about her parentage. Despite knowing Ruth wasn’t born of an affair, Matthew’s mother considered arranging a DNA test to dispel any lingering uncertainty. The echo of Matthew’s insinuations haunted Ruth’s peace of mind.

A Home for Josie

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Mary further clarified her motivations for taking in Josie and Ruth: they had no one else to turn to after Matthew moved them from their home country and abandoned them. This wasn’t a case of choosing sides but of providing safety and a good home to a family in need. She emphasized Matthew’s history of self-interest at this family’s expense.

Tangled Relationships

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Matthew’s new wife and family friends criticized Mary and her husband’s decision to favor Ruth and Bonnie for the bulk of the inheritance. Their accusations fueled the conflict, adding another layer to the already complex web of relationships within the family.

Mary upheld the moral compass of her family against the devious intentions of her son. Despite the strain caused by Matthew, she maintained her integrity and defended the dignity of Josie and Ruth.

The Veil of Uncertainty

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With the impending DNA test, a cloud of uncertainty lingered over Ruth. The question of her paternity, fueled by Matthew’s spiteful words, gnawed at her.

The Battle of Legacies

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The feud over inheritance escalated, casting a shadow over the relationships within the family. In the face of such animosity, Mary’s husband’s decision to prioritize Ruth and Bonnie became a controversial matter. The stakes were raised as the prospect of being written out of the will completely hung over Matthew’s head.

Inevitable Confrontations

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When Ruth’s DNA result confirms, in fact, she is Matthew’s biological child and Mary’s granddaughter, an inevitable confrontation between Mary and Matthew reignites. As Matthew’s actions continued to ripple throughout their lives, it became clear that reconciliation was a distant hope. Mary further clarifies that the entire inheritance will be passed down and slipped between Ruth and Bonnie, as her husband wishes.

Striving for Peace

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Mary, despite being embroiled in the throes of conflict, remained committed to maintaining peace within the family. As rumors and accusations swirled, she stood firmly by Josie and Ruth’s side, continuously asserting their place in the family. Even in the face of such daunting adversity, Mary continues to strive to make peace between the family while upholding her dying husband’s wishes for the inheritance.

Was The Family’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Your son abandoned his daughter, and they accuse you of playing favorites? It sounds like your son, his wife, and her miserable family are meant for each other. Cut off all contact and enjoy the time you have left together.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “Money makes people do horrible things. It seems like Matt and his current wife are just worried about money more than anything else. That’s quite gross and sickening.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “You don’t have to let Matt believe you think anything else because, ultimately, he isn’t going to change.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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