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Father Funds Wedding While Being Denied the Father-Daughter Dance, His Retaliation Could Tear the Family Apart.

After familial bonds are tested by divorce and conflicting loyalties, the Original Poster (OP) finds himself ostracized by his own children, especially his youngest daughter, Victoria. The story takes an emotional turn when, despite being financially supported by OP, Victoria chooses her stepfather over her biological father to walk her down the aisle.

A Divorce Under Wraps

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OP, a 52-year-old man, shares the initial discord in his life, wherein his ex-wife, Tracy, leaves him for Stan due to an affair. The impact of this affair is kept a secret from their three children, Michael (28M), Linda (25F), and Victoria (23F). The children witness Tracy moving out and OP staying in the house and remarrying, leading them to see OP as the antagonist.

The Role Reversal

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Post the divorce, OP is left as the disciplinarian for the children, ensuring their school work, appointments, and deadlines are maintained, while Tracy and Stan enjoy the liberty of lesser rules. This forms a wedge between OP and the children, as they see their father as the stricter parent.

Shifting Allegiances

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A turn of events leads the eldest son, Michael, to realize that his mother didn’t set aside money for his college education as per their divorce agreement. Simultaneously, Linda, the older daughter, understands the importance of discipline in maintaining her grades. They start seeing their father, OP, in a new light, not as the villain but as a responsible parent.

The Indifferent One

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In contrast to her older siblings, the youngest, Victoria, remains unyielding in her perception of her father. She sees him as the ‘bad guy’ and stays aloof. Despite the coldness, she surprises OP by seeking his blessings before getting engaged, sparking hope for reconciliation.

A Father’s Joy

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Victoria’s decision brings about a sense of happiness in OP’s life as he gets involved in her wedding planning, even paying for the venue’s booking. She starts being polite to his new wife, and it seems like a positive turning point in their relationship. The family appears to be mending the old wounds and working towards unity.

Unsettling Silence

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As the wedding preparation progresses, OP notices Victoria becoming distant once more. She starts to ignore his texts, replies curtly, and her visits become less frequent. A sense of unease begins to creep back in, with the fear of losing his daughter’s affection once more.

An Uninvited Father

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OP’s fears are confirmed when his son Michael sends him an Instagram post showing Victoria’s engagement party. Not only was he not invited, but there’s a picture of Victoria praising Stan as her father figure. This revelation leaves OP hurt and confused as he questions his role and importance in his youngest daughter’s life.

Behind Closed Doors

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Confused and hurt, OP reaches out to Tracy to understand why he was excluded from the party. Tracy responds, saying Victoria didn’t want OP’s wife at the party to avoid any drama.

The Aisle Standoff

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Victoria calls OP to confront him after he inquires about who would walk her down the aisle. She asserts that Stan will have this honor, sidelining OP completely. The twist lies in OP’s response, where he calmly agrees but reminds Victoria about the upcoming wedding payment due in November.

A Financial Reality

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Stan and Tracy, who have been basking in the glory of being the favored parents, are now facing the harsh financial reality of their daughter’s wedding. They’re unable to afford the grand wedding that Victoria has planned. This financial crisis brings to light their dependency on OP’s support.

The Accusation

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Stan and Tracy, caught in the financial deadlock, turn on OP, calling him insensitive for his earlier reminder about the wedding payment. This accusation paints OP as the villain again amidst the tensions of wedding planning. The conflict intensifies as the couple, unable to fund the wedding, question OP’s character instead.

A Daughter’s Ultimatum

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Amidst the ongoing financial drama, Linda, the middle child, warns OP that if he refuses to fund the wedding, Victoria might sever ties with him forever. This places OP in a predicament between preserving his dignity and the fear of losing his youngest child.

A Son’s Support

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In contrast to Linda’s warning, Michael, the eldest child, supports OP’s decision. He understands the unfairness of the situation and backs his father’s stance against paying for Victoria’s wedding while being sidelined.

The Father’s Decision

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Caught in a whirlwind of emotions and conflicting advice, OP is left with a tough decision to make. He has to choose between financing Victoria’s wedding to maintain peace or standing his ground and risking losing his daughter forever. His decision could redefine his relationship with his family forever.

Was Should The Man Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “She made that choice to take Stan on as her father, and she can deal with the consequences.”

Another responder wrote: “She’s using you as a cash cow. A wedding isn’t essential – she can figure out how to finance it herself, or her mother and stepfather can figure it out.”

A different person states, “She used you, period. And I wouldn’t be surprised if her mother put her up to it, either, given how she’s allowing your offspring to see you as nothing more than a way to pay for her wedding.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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