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Cousin Exploits Their Printing Business For Her Wedding, But They Turn the Tables After She Drops Them From the Guest List.

In an unexpected twist of family ties and business, the Original Poster (OP) and his wife, who run a printing company, grapple with the dilemma of being excluded from a cousin’s wedding for which they have been providing free services.

A Family Endeavor

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OP and his wife run a successful printing company together, often providing their services for free to friends and family for events. This time, they agreed to do all the signage, banners, guest books, and life-sized cutouts for a wedding.

The Rush Order

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As the wedding approaches, the couple is told by their cousin’s wedding planner that they need to have all the items ready by a certain date. This request is abrupt, as OP and his wife had not yet received their wedding invitations and were unaware of the exact date of the wedding.

The Uninvited

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Attempting to clarify the situation, OP’s wife contacts her cousin. In response, they were informed that the wedding had been downsized, and they were not included in the “close friends and family” guest list. This exclusion causes hurt feelings, especially considering the amount of work they’ve put into the wedding preparations.

The Hidden Costs

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Despite not being invited, the couple has already spent close to $2000 on printing materials for the wedding. The cousin and her wedding planner had them do multiple revisions, print samples, and resize items, all of which cost time and money.

The Bill

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OP decides to bill the cousin for the cost of materials, making it clear that payment is needed before delivery. This action is not intended to make a profit but rather to cover the costs that have been incurred. This is a new step for OP, who has never charged the family before.


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Following the bill, OP and his wife begin to receive threatening calls from various family members. The cousin, her fiance, and some groomsmen all take turns expressing their anger. The situation quickly spirals into a family conflict.

The Ultimatum

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After enduring the harassment, OP is considering charging the cousin full price for their printing services. He decides that if the cousin refuses to pay, he won’t deliver the items. The situation escalates into a standoff.

Broken Trust

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Despite their efforts to be accommodating, OP and his wife feel betrayed by their family. Their generosity has been taken advantage of, and they are being painted as villains for standing their ground. The conflict is no longer just about a wedding but about the dynamics and trust within the family.

The Standoff

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The family continues to pressure OP and his wife to deliver the wedding items without payment. They refuse, sticking to their decision to charge for the materials used. The tension among family members continues to grow. As the wedding date nears, the ordered items remain undelivered due to non-payment. This delay begins to affect the wedding preparations.

The Intervention

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Sensing the increasing tension, a neutral family member steps in to mediate. They try to understand both sides of the story but struggle to find a solution that will satisfy everyone.

The Legal Threat

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Frustrated by the stalemate, the cousin threatens to take legal action if the materials aren’t delivered. This unexpected threat escalates the conflict to a new level. OP and his wife are now wondering if they can actually face potential legal consequences for their refusal to deliver.

The Retraction

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Feeling the pressure, OP’s wife suggests they retract the bill and deliver the materials. However, OP remains resolute, arguing that they should not be taken advantage of. The situation causes tension between OP and his wife.

The Unknown

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The OP and his wife are now committed to holding the invitations hostage as the wedding draws near. They are uncertain if the couple will make alternative arrangements for the invitation but refuse to deliver based on principle.

Was The Couple’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “They can’t expect a wedding gift from people who didn’t make the cut. Once you and your wife were cut, it became a business transaction.”

Another responder wrote: “Ask them when was the last time they gave $2,000 to a couple whose wedding they weren’t close enough to be invited to.”

A different person states, “They used you. Look at how much money they saved.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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