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Her Professional Baking Skills Are Dismissed by the Family, So She Serves a Dish of Deception that Exposes the Family Bias.

In a family dominated by a singular baking star, the Original Poster (OP) endures years of dismissal of her baking skills, creating a simmering conflict. The story unfolds at a Memorial Day BBQ, where OP’s clever ruse puts the family’s biased taste buds to the ultimate test, leaving a stunned silence and emotions running high.

The Outcast

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The OP is a 32-year-old woman and is married to Pete. OP comes from a family of professional bakers. Despite her talent in baking and cake decoration, her treats are often ignored at family events in favor of those made by Pete’s sister-in-law, Kay (39), who is renowned for her cupcakes and cake pops.

The Star Baker

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Kay is lauded as the star baker of the family, her cake pops and cupcakes being the center of family praise. Her popularity eclipses OP’s baking skills, even when Pete praises his wife’s baking prowess. The family’s blind devotion to Kay’s baking has led to OP’s creations being neglected, often left untouched at family gatherings.

A Difference in Styles

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Kay and OP have distinct baking styles; Kay focuses on simple baking, while OP excels in professionally decorated cakes. Yet, Kay and the family dismiss OP’s elaborate cake decorations as a cover-up for bad taste. This constant critique fuels OP’s feelings of frustration and isolation as the family is rarely willing to even try her desserts.

The Memorial Day BBQ Showdown

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A Memorial Day BBQ provides the stage for OP’s silent rebellion. Kay reveals her classic cake pops for the event on Instagram, and OP, in a spur of defiance, decides to make the exact same cake pops as Kay, replicating her design and flavor.

The Strategic Move

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Arriving at the BBQ, OP keeps her cake pops hidden, waiting for the right moment to reveal them. As the family gathers outside, she seizes the opportunity to place her treats directly next to Kay’s. The stage is set for the family to unknowingly taste OP’s baking.

The Unexpected Delight

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To OP’s satisfaction, she observes the family indulging in her cake pops, mistakenly believing they are Kay’s. Compliments flow for Kay’s “best ever” cake pops, creating a bubble of false praise; meanwhile, the OP is ready to burst.

The Sweet Revelation

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Kay is left confused as she sees her cake pops untouched on the table. OP steps in, revealing that the family has been enjoying her cake pops, not Kay’s. The family’s praise abruptly shifts to lukewarm responses, leaving Kay silent for the rest of the night.

Pete’s Unveiling

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Pete, who had been oblivious to OP’s plan, finds the situation amusing. However, his brother (Kay’s husband) criticizes OP, accusing her of being mean and driven by jealousy towards Kay’s baking success.

The Family’s Prejudice

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Pete defends OP, pointing out the family’s unfair treatment of OP’s baking, which they have refused to even taste, simply because she is not Kay. The biased stance of the family is thus highlighted, further escalating the tension.

Not Alone in Desserts

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It becomes evident that OP and Kay aren’t the only ones who bring desserts to family events. However, OP’s treats are the only ones consistently left untouched, reinforcing her feelings of being unfairly singled out. This situation adds another layer of injustice to the family’s dismissal of OP’s skills.

Kay’s Patronizing Tutorials

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Kay, also part of “everyone” who ignores OP’s treats, has often tried to “teach” OP baking techniques. Most of these techniques are ones that OP already knows or are blatantly incorrect. Kay’s patronizing attitude, coupled with her role in the family’s baking hierarchy, fuels OP’s resentment.

The Aftermath

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In the aftermath of the BBQ event, the family dynamics are strained. Kay’s husband continues to berate OP for her actions, while Pete stands up for his wife. The family’s bias has been exposed, but the fallout from OP’s revelation has yet to settle.

Doubts and Questions

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OP begins to question her actions, wondering if she was wrong for tricking the family into tasting her baking. She’s caught between the satisfaction of finally receiving recognition for her baking skills and the guilt of deceiving the family. These conflicting emotions add a layer of complexity to the ongoing drama.

Follow-Up: A Challenge Issued

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In response to the BBQ incident, OP challenges Kay to a bake-off, hoping to settle the dispute once and for all. This new twist promises direct competition between the two bakers, putting their skills to the ultimate test.

The Bake-Off Showdown

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The bake-off is intense, with both women showcasing their best baking and decorating skills with blind judgment. After winning the bake-off, the OP not only proves her skills but also challenges the family’s biases. The result is an even more strained relationship between OP and Kay’s family.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I’m not really sure what you accomplished because it’s not as if it’s magically going to make them treat you better.”

Another responder wrote: “I also think this is hysterical. It’s also incredibly petty.”

A different person states, “Got to love how they said how much better it looked/tasted when they thought Kay made it, but immediately changed their tune once the truth came out.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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