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‘Relationship Killers’: 17 Habits That Might Prematurely Derail a Relationship

In the dance of modern dating, avoiding certain missteps is just as important as mastering the right moves. This compilation of relationship faux pas covers everything from the perils of phone addiction to the awkwardness of excessive ex-talk. It’s a roadmap to romance that promises to steer you clear of the common pitfalls that could send a budding relationship off course.

Constantly Checking Your Phone

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In the early stages of a relationship, giving undivided attention is crucial. Constantly checking your phone during dates sends a message that you’re not fully present or interested. This habit can make your partner feel undervalued and ignored. “It’s like I’m just talking to myself,” says an online commenter, highlighting the frustration this behavior can cause.

Overanalyzing Every Interaction

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While it’s normal to think about your interactions, overanalyzing every text and conversation can create unnecessary stress. This habit often leads to misinterpretation and anxiety, which can be felt by your partner. A relaxed approach is more likely to foster a healthy, stress-free relationship.

Talking About Exes Too Frequently

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Constantly bringing up ex-partners can be a red flag in a new relationship. It makes your current partner uncomfortable and raises questions about your readiness to move on. A balance between past experiences and present moments is key to a healthy relationship dynamic.

Neglecting Personal Hygiene

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Personal hygiene is a fundamental aspect of any relationship. Neglecting it can be a major turn-off and suggests a lack of self-respect and consideration for your partner. Small efforts in maintaining cleanliness and grooming can significantly affect how you are perceived.

Being Overly Possessive

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Early relationships require a balance of closeness and independence. Being overly possessive or jealous can create a stifling environment for your partner. Trust and space are essential ingredients for a relationship to grow healthily.

Ignoring Boundaries

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Respecting personal boundaries is paramount in any relationship. Ignoring your partner’s emotional or physical boundaries can lead to discomfort and a lack of trust. “When she disregarded my need for personal space, I felt suffocated,” shares an online commenter, emphasizing the importance of respect.

Lack of Punctuality

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Being consistently late shows a lack of respect for your partner’s time. This habit can be interpreted as a sign of unreliability and inconsideration. Valuing and respecting each other’s time is crucial in the early stages of a relationship.

Always Talking, Never Listening

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A good conversation is a balance of talking and listening. Dominating conversations without paying attention to your partner’s thoughts can lead to a one-sided relationship. Listening is as important as sharing in building a strong connection.

Playing Hard to Get

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While a little mystery can be enticing, playing hard to get excessively can be frustrating and confusing. Clear and honest communication is key to forming a genuine connection. A commenter notes, “It felt like a game, not a relationship.”

Comparing Them to Others

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Comparisons to other people, especially ex-partners, can be detrimental to a new relationship. It creates unnecessary pressure and can damage your partner’s self-esteem. Celebrating your partner’s unique qualities strengthens the bond.

Flirting with Others

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Flirting with others, especially in the presence of your partner, can be seen as disrespectful and hurtful. It can undermine the trust and exclusivity that are foundational in a new relationship. Focusing on your partner helps in cultivating a deeper connection.


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While leaning on a partner for support is natural, over-dependence can strain a new relationship. Maintaining independence and self-sufficiency is key to a healthy dynamic. An online commenter explains, “I felt more like a caregiver than a partner.”

Failing to Compromise

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In any relationship, compromise is essential. Failing to find a middle ground in disagreements can lead to unresolved conflicts and resentment. Understanding and flexibility are important traits in a healthy partnership.

Ignoring Their Interests

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Ignoring or belittling your partner’s interests and hobbies can make them feel undervalued. Showing genuine interest and involvement in their passions can strengthen your bond and mutual respect.

Being Too Clingy

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Clinginess, especially in the early stages, can be overwhelming and push your partner away. Balancing affection with giving space is key to a healthy relationship. A commenter mentions, “Feeling smothered was a big turn-off.”

Constant Negativity

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Consistently negative attitudes and comments can drain the energy from a new relationship. Conversely, positivity can be contagious and uplifting, fostering a happier and healthier connection.

Not Respecting Their Time Alone

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Everyone needs time alone, and not respecting this can lead to feelings of suffocation. Understanding and respecting your partner’s need for solitude shows maturity and consideration. This balance is vital for individual and relationship growth.

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