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Young Man’s Inheritance Depends on DNA Test, But a Newcomer’s Claim to the Estate Reveals Hidden Family Surprises.

A young man, known as the Original Poster (OP), inherits a substantial estate from his grandparents, only to be confronted by an estranged man claiming to be his grandfather’s illegitimate son. As the possibility of a shared lineage looms, OP faces a tug-of-war over the inheritance that could rob him of his family home.

A Childhood Shaped by Loss

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At the tender age of thirteen, OP, a young man, loses his parents. He is adopted by his paternal grandparents, becoming their sole grandchild due to his aunt’s child-free lifestyle. Upon their death, they leave him their fully paid-off house, an asset worth around $500,000.

The Stranger’s Claim

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OP’s ordinary life is disrupted when a man, “John,” approaches him, claiming to be his grandfather’s illegitimate son. John asks OP for a DNA test to confirm his claims, leaving OP in disbelief. The startling revelation would imply his beloved grandfather wasn’t faithful to his grandmother.

Connecting Past and Present

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John’s story opens up past skeletons as OP’s aunt recognizes John as a former neighbor whose family had abruptly left after a major altercation. These families were once friends, making John’s claims more plausible. This challenged his perception of his once-serene family history.

A Tragic Backstory

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John unravels his traumatic past, revealing his mother’s affair with OP’s grandfather. He claims that this led to his parent’s divorce and his subsequent abandonment by his stepfather, whom he had always thought was his dad. A later DNA test proves the stepfather is not John’s biological father, turning suspicion towards OP’s grandfather.

A Demand for Truth

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Residing abroad, OP’s aunt urges him to undertake the DNA test for John. As the only available kin, OP initially agrees, wishing to help John discover his lineage. However, OP’s decision is soon questioned.

The Property Predicament

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OP’s girlfriend raises concerns about the potential repercussions of confirming John’s lineage. A positive DNA match could entitle John to a portion of OP’s inherited estate, jeopardizing OP’s ownership of his home. This revelation forces OP to reconsider his willingness to cooperate with John’s request.

A Protective Proposition

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In an attempt to safeguard his inheritance, OP proposes a condition to John. He agrees to the DNA test only if John legally renounces any potential claims on the house.

An Unexpected Outburst

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After days of silence, OP receives a hostile response, not from John but from his wife. She labels OP as greedy and selfish, arguing that OP could never understand the pain of John’s fatherless existence. These harsh accusations force OP to retreat and seek legal counsel.

The Legal Landscape

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OP contacts a lawyer to understand his standing in the potential inheritance dispute. Unless John can produce substantial evidence to challenge the will, his chances seem slim. This reassurance strengthens OP’s decision to stand his ground.

A Digital Battle

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OP’s standoff with John spills onto the digital battlefield as John’s wife begins a smear campaign on social media. She publicly berates OP, intensifying the conflict beyond their immediate circle.

An Aunt’s Endorsement

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OP’s aunt unequivocally supports his decision, reinforcing his confidence to continue denying John’s request. Her support presents a united front against John and his wife’s attacks.

The Incontrovertible Will

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OP and his aunt hold steadfast. They feel confident due to the fact that the will was laid out very clearly. The document dictates the distribution of assets, with no mention of provision for a potential secret offspring.

The Ultimate Barrier

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With his grandparents cremated, John is deprived of the chance to request a posthumous test. This fact, unknown to John, provides a final safeguard for OP and his aunt. It creates another hurdle for John’s quest for a DNA match, further weakening his case.

The Persistent Harassment

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Despite OP’s efforts to cease communication, John’s wife proves relentless in her pursuit. She creates multiple accounts to continue her onslaught, attempting to tarnish OP’s reputation. Her incessant digital stalking adds a new layer of distress to the situation.

The Final Showdown

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OP is left to hope that John will finally decide to sign the agreement and proceed with the DNA test with the agreement to not receive anything in return. The results can confirm or deny his relation to OP’s grandfather. OP can sympathize with the absence of a father figure in his life and doesn’t blame John for wanting closure.

Was Denying This Man Part of His Inheritance (If there is a DNA match) Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “They can’t call you greedy and say he only wants to know who his father was if they won’t sign something saying he won’t contest the will. He wants to know, but he wants the money too.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “You’re completely doing the right thing. He’s trying to stake a claim for your inheritance. While he may very well be your grandfather’s son, he was never part of the family and, therefore, morally shouldn’t have a stake in your inheritance.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “Legally, John probably does have a claim, which royally sucks for you. But ultimately, the fault is with your grandfather, who cheated and did not have his will written to protect his intended heirs.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Inheritance doesn’t work the way this guy thinks it does. They left you the house. Doesn’t matter whether you’re related or he is or isn’t. They could’ve left the house to a stranger in the street, as long as the will was signed not under duress and of sound mind.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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