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Their Tasting Session Was All Set, But When the Distillery Took Offense to Their Online Review, the Tables Turned.

When the Original Poster (OP) and friends won a tasting session at a local distillery, they anticipated a smooth experience. However, OP’s attempts to book the prize led to an unexpected confrontation with the distillery’s management over an online review. As tensions escalated, OP was forced to question the power of consumer feedback and the lengths businesses might go to control their image.

The Prize Win

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OP, with the help of friends, clinched a tasting victory for ten at a renowned local distillery. Synchronizing their calendars was quite the task. Yet, they managed to zero in on a suitable date and time for their tasting experience.

The Booking Hassle

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OP headed to the distillery’s website to lodge their desired date and time. The distillery’s special portal for auction winners, however, didn’t allow users to view available slots. Instead, users had to suggest their preferences and await confirmation.

A Silent Wait

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Days rolled by with no word from the distillery. To expedite matters, OP tried calling several listed numbers. Each time, he was met only with a voicemail. With growing concern, OP sent out messages through the distillery’s contact channels.

Messages in the Void

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With growing concern, OP sent out messages through the distillery’s contact channels. Always polite, he eagerly awaited a reply. The void persisted, offering no hint of recognition. As the waiting game continued, OP’s patience dwindled.

Fading Patience

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OP sent another email to the distillery, this time a shade more curt than before. Yet, civility remained, with no words crossing the line of decency. Still no response. OP was feeling frustrated and disrespected.

The Google Maps Gambit

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A week later, OP took to Google Maps, hoping to be heard. A one-star review detailing his annoyances appeared on the distillery’s page. OP stated a willingness to modify the rating after a satisfactory visit.

A Ray of Hope

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From a different location, a representative reached out to OP. While he wasn’t the right person to finalize the booking, he assured OP that the message would be relayed. In passing, he mentioned the distillery’s lack of phone attendants during business hours.

Confirmation at Last

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Following that call, a message from the distillery confirmed OP’s chosen time slot. Elation filled OP who expressed gratitude for the update. However, there was a request for the removal of the one-star review.

Standing Ground

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OP held firm, expressing that the review echoed his journey so far, but he hoped to amend it after the visit. Silence ensued. OP said, “Thank you. I look forward to the event,” and hung up the phone.

A Positive Turn

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After another week passed, OP reconsidered and revised the Google Maps rating to three stars ahead of the visit. While the rating was more generous, the accompanying remarks suggested ways the distillery could elevate its service.

An Unexpected Twist

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OP’s wife, a volunteer with the raffle-holding organization, bore some bad news. The distillery’s owner had contacted the head of the organization to cancel the tasting. He believed his donation was being misused and no longer served a purpose for his company.

The Ultimatum

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The reason for the cancellation was clear: OP’s refusal to retract the review. As a gesture, the distillery reimbursed the amount spent on the raffle. This left OP and friends without their long-anticipated tasting.

High Standards

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OP acknowledged their lofty expectations for customer service. Yet, they also recognized that imperfections occur in every business because a company’s response to such deficiencies is very telling.

The Review Dilemma

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OP debated his next step, whether to revert to a one-star rating, highlighting the distillery’s tactics, or let it go. Through it all, a question lingered for OP. In a world where customer feedback wields power, were they right to stand their ground?

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and perspective. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Edit the review back to one star and explain how they responded to the negative review. As a potential customer, I want to know how this business operates.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “In this day and age of technology, there’s no excuse for not returning messages. And you gave them the benefit of the doubt and were willing to update your review, and they doubled down.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “You should update the review again to reflect how the company behaved. Personally speaking, these are the kind of things I look at because I, too, hold a high bar for customer service.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Their service did not satisfy you. You stated that your review was honest and your personal experience. That they hung that over your head and canceled the tasting is bizarre— add that to your one-star review.”

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