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She Imagined a Tasty Vegan Dinner Party, But When Her Food Allergy Was Ignored, Her Backup Cooking Plan Became the Gossip of the Evening.

Invited to a strictly vegan dinner party, the Original Poster (OP) finds themselves in a dietary dilemma when the main course directly conflicts with their mushroom allergy. While they value the etiquette of being a considerate guest, the urge to bring their own grill and burgers presents an alluring solution. The evening’s prospects hang in the balance as OP grapples with the decision.

The Vegan Dinner Invitation

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OP receives an invitation to attend a dinner party at a vegan household. Of all the guests attending, only three, including the hosts, are vegans. This contrasts sharply with other gatherings where both vegan and non-vegan meals are offered.

The Dietary Distinction

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At most meal events, there are always two meal options to cater to both vegans and non-vegans. This ensures that everyone has something they can enjoy. However, this household is strictly vegan.

The BBQ Barrier

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The hosts are clear about their rules: no cooking meat products on their BBQ. For them, it’s a lifestyle choice that extends to their culinary tools. The BBQ is exclusively for plant-based dishes.

OP’s Accommodative Grill

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OP understands the importance of catering to different dietary needs. On their grill, they’ve designated an entire section specifically for vegan and gluten-free cooking. This indicates their effort to be inclusive.

The Main Course Revelation

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Before the dinner, OP learns about the hosts’ main dish. It is a portobello steak—a choice that immediately raises eyebrows. This is because OP is allergic to mushrooms, which the hosts are aware of.

A Deliberate Decision?

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Despite knowing about OP’s allergy, the host’s decision to serve portobello steaks feels intentional. It seems more than just a mere oversight. OP considers the other vegan steak options they could have chosen: cauliflower or tofu.

The Ethics of Hosting

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Being a considerate host is vital for OP. They believe in providing options for all guests, ensuring everyone’s dietary needs are met. In their eyes, no one should feel left out or uncomfortable.

The Dilemma of Dietary Respect

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To OP, bringing personal food to someone else’s dinner party feels disrespectful. It’s not just about the meal—it’s about the thought and effort behind it. However, this principle clashes with the current scenario.

An Alternative Solution

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With the mushroom-centric main course and no other options, OP contemplates an alternative. The idea arises: what if they bring a portable grill and some burgers? This would allow them to have a meal they can eat.

The George Foreman Option

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The solution is a George Foreman grill—a compact and handy device that can easily be packed in a case and taken along. By bringing it, OP could cook up some burgers outside, ensuring they have a meal that suits their needs.

The Pros and Cons

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On one hand, OP could enjoy a meal without any health concerns. On the other, it could be perceived as a slight to the hosts. The two sides of the coin present a tough choice. A third option to consider would be not to attend.

The Consideration of Feelings

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The act of bringing a personal cooking device might offend the hosts. Yet, OP’s feelings of being seemingly overlooked also play a significant role. It is hard to decide whose preferences to prioritize.

The Social Etiquette Question

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Beyond personal feelings, there’s a larger question at hand. Would it be socially acceptable to bring one’s own cooking device to someone else’s dinner party? It’s a gray area in the realm of etiquette.

The Allergy Angle

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OP’s health is at risk if they consume mushrooms, making it more than a matter of preference. OP wishes to have a good time at the party like every other guest. They don’t want the meal to become the focal point of contention.

Was The Dinner Guest’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts the story online for feedback and guidance from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “I would call them and say you’re allergic to mushrooms and you’ll need an accommodation. Is there something else being made, or can you bring your own vegan meal?”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “We have a bunch of parties at our house, and when there are allergies, we try our best to avoid them, but can’t promise. The guests with allergies also bring foods that they can eat. It’s open communication.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Whenever I go to my wife’s friend’s and know I’m not going to like the offering, I pick up fast food and eat in the car before we get there. Then I just drink what I want and snack on things I like.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “If you believe they did this purposefully, just don’t go. If that’s true, they don’t respect you. Why would you go if you believe that?”

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