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Manager Accuses His Hardest Worker of Insubordination, But He Immediately Regretted His Choice When the Employee Hands Responds with a Hand Delivered Letter.

In a tale shared by the Original Poster, Steve, a hardworking senior employee at a small company, faces conflict as his dedication is misconstrued as insubordination by his superiors. The story unfolds as Steve, armed with financial stability and an impending life change, hands over an envelope to his manager that promises to rattle the company’s dynamics.

A Decade of Service

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Steve, a ten-year veteran at a small company, is the most reliable and senior worker outside management. Despite his usual responsibilities, he trains new employees, assists in other departments, and often works overtime, ensuring the overall smooth functioning of the department. His dedication is acknowledged and approved by the management.

The Holiday Rush

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As the holiday season approaches, the workload increases dramatically. Steve’s productivity is put to the test as he pulls a 60-hour work week, but he’s unphased. On his day off, he voluntarily goes into work to help his overworked colleagues.

The Unexpected Conflict

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While preparing to leave work after his self-assigned shift, Steve’s manager unexpectedly confronts him, ordering him to get back to work. Steve, surprised, informs the manager that it’s his day off, and he’d just been helping out. The manager insists that Steve continues working, leading to a disagreement.

The False Accusation

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The following day, Steve is accused of insubordination, called into the office, and formally written up. The manager seems to overlook the fact that Steve wasn’t scheduled to work on the day of the conflict. The charge is shocking, considering Steve’s history of dedication and productivity.

Steve’s Rising Dissatisfaction

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Unknown to many, Steve’s dissatisfaction with his employer had been brewing for some time. His discontent is exacerbated by the recent incident of being reprimanded unfairly. The accusation of insubordination pushes Steve to contemplate his future at the company.

Steve’s Financial Stability

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Steve’s financial stability, a result of his high-demand job and his wife’s prosperous career, affords him the option to consider leaving his current employer. This security amplifies his thoughts of seeking a more respectful and appreciative work environment. The ill-treatment he faced recently doesn’t seem worth enduring anymore.

An Impending Life Change

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Steve’s life is about to undergo a significant change: he’s about to become a father. The imminent arrival of his child forces him to consider his work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. The combination of an ungrateful employer and the desire for a stress-free family life tilts the scales.

The Decisive Moment

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In the manager’s office, after being reprimanded, Steve decides to make his move. He signs his write-up for insubordination and then hands his manager an envelope. Inside the envelope is a letter that will dramatically change the dynamics at the company.

The Unforeseen Notice

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The envelope contains Steve’s two-week notice, indicating his decision to leave the company. The unexpected news catches the manager off guard. He, along with the rest of the management, is thrown into a state of panic.

The Management’s Backpedaling

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Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, the management scrambles to rectify their mistake. They try to apologize and persuade Steve to stay, offering a raise and pleading for him to at least finish the holiday rush. However, Steve is unmoved.

The Domino Effect

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Steve’s departure sends shockwaves throughout the company. Without their most reliable worker, the company struggles to cope with the holiday rush. The management realizes that it will take multiple new hires to fill the void left by Steve.

Steve’s Calm Holidays

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After leaving his job, Steve enjoys a stress-free holiday for the first time in years. He’s free from the demands of his unappreciative former employer. The relief is palpable, and he gets to fully immerse himself in the festive season.

Preparations for the New Arrival

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As Steve’s former employer reels from his departure, Steve finds himself with ample time to prepare for the arrival of his baby. The peace and calm that he finds is a stark contrast to the high-stress environment he left. He cherishes this time to gear up for the transformative life event.

Was The Mans’ Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I’ve seen situations like OP’s where they are s****** a great employee with a bad review, impossible task, or terrible pay. I’ve seen them fire key employees as part of cost-cutting layoffs without the slightest hint of planning for someone else to take over their duties.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “I got written up at a job ~10 years ago. I was one of their top 3 performers, and not particularly well paid for it already.

I got put on a performance plan because they didn’t think I was “on the phone enough”–I called people, but I also used e-mail instead when I thought it was more appropriate. I was flabbergasted but signed it, went back to my desk, and had a realization: I could get another job pretty easily. They were going to be put out for a good while trying to replace me.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “Hire competent people, trust and respect them to do the job right, give them pay raises and bonuses to keep them happy and productive, and offer profit sharing as a partner when they hit 10 years.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Good on him. I hope Steve has a wonderful Christmas and welcomes a healthy baby.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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