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Their Household Lived in Harmony With Dogs, But When a Cat Entered the Scene, Things Took a Turn for the Worse.

In a household accustomed to the peaceful presence of dogs, the introduction of a new feline member spirals into a conflict between the Original Poster (OP) and their daughter. Despite warnings of the cat’s distress in confined spaces, the daughter remains unfazed. When OP takes a drastic measure, the household is left anticipating what comes next.

A Dog Household

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OP’s household has always been filled with multiple dogs of different sizes. Since their daughter’s birth, the family has been accustomed to their presence. The dogs are content, even in enclosed spaces.

The New Arrival

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Two months ago, the family introduced a new member. A cat was brought into the household, a decision that would change the family dynamics. The daughter became instantly attached to the feline companion.

Daughter’s Expectations

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The daughter was used to the dogs’ behavior and thought the same rules applied to the cat. She would keep the cat in her room, expecting it to behave like the dogs. But the cat’s reactions were different.

The Cat’s Distress

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Inside the closed room, the cat would experience panic attacks. It would vocalize its discomfort loudly. Yet, the daughter was hesitant to let it out. OP and their partner tried explaining the importance of not trapping the cat in a confined space, but she ignored their advice.

The Consequences of Confinement

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The cat’s reactions to confinement were destructive. Scratches appeared on the door, and nights were filled with loud cries and occasional messes in the room. After five continuous weeks, OP’s patience was waning.

A Desperate Plea

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In a half-joking tone, OP warned their daughter of a potential consequence. If she continued, they would have to remove her door. Despite the warning, the daughter’s behavior remained unchanged.

The Warning Ignored

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Three weeks went by without any improvement. The cat’s distress and the household’s lack of sleep continued. OP decided that enough was enough. Determined to make their daughter realize the seriousness of the issue, they removed their daughter’s bedroom door.

The Interim Solution

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With the door removed, OP wanted to ensure their daughter’s privacy, so they put a privacy curtain in the doorway. This was to serve as a temporary solution until the matter was resolved. If the daughter could demonstrate she had learned her lesson, they would reinstate the door.

A Glimpse of Hope

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The intention behind the drastic measure was clear. OP hoped that the door’s removal would make their daughter understand the gravity of her actions. They planned to reinstall the door in a week, hoping things would change.

The Wait Begins

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With the curtain in place, the household waited. Each day was a testament to their hope for change. The daughter’s reactions and behavior were keenly observed. Without a door to confine it, the cat found relief.

The Cat’s Reprieve

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The cat’s nights were no longer filled with panic and distress. The household sighed in relief as the cat’s cries ceased. During the night, the feline explored the dark house and found cozy spaces to curl up in for naps.

The Daughter’s Realization

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The removal of the door was a turning point. It served as a stark reminder of the consequences of the daughter’s actions. The drastic measure had been taken, but the results were still uncertain. Every member, including the cat, awaited what the next week would bring.

Second Chances

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OP believed in giving their daughter another chance to prove herself. Plans were made to replace the door in a week. They hoped their daughter would have learned her lesson by then and quit trapping the cat.

Seeking Validation

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Having taken such a significant step, OP sought external opinions. They wondered if their actions were justified or if they had gone too far. The final verdict was awaited with bated breath.

Was The Parent’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posted the story online for feedback and perspective from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “I’m normally one that believes taking away a door as punishment is horrible and violating. But she’s using the door to trap an animal in a space it doesn’t want to be in, and that’s wrong. This isn’t a punishment, though. It’s a consequence.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “A pet door or taking the handle off so it’s free-swinging could allow the freedom and privacy. Though it sounds like she needs further education on caring for different pets.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “She has been told repeatedly not to keep the cat locked up in the room and continues to do it. She’s 13, she understands why it’s dangerous for the cat and continues to do it. Her actions have consequences, and this is it.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “She has GOT to understand that the cat isn’t a toy. It’s a living being that has needs and wants, just like she does, and the only way for her to be a good pet owner as an adult is to be taught NOW how to be a good pet owner.”

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