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Man Agrees to a Weekend Task for an Old Client and Gets Cheated Financially, But His Revenge Plan Ensures He Gets the Last Laugh.

When the Original Poster (OP) agrees to help a former client, Jake, with a machinery installation, they’re left unpaid and frustrated. Seeking revenge, the OP devises a cunning plan that turns the tables on Jake and leaves him begging for his help.

The Specialist

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The OP worked for a company providing specialized equipment for manufacturing. OP became acquainted with many clients who required installation and servicing for the equipment he covered. One of these clients was Jake.

A New Job Opportunity

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OP left the company for a different job, but Jake kept the OP’s number. Jake called the OP one afternoon about a new unit installation and maintenance needs. OP informed Jake they no longer worked for the company.

Jake’s Offer

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Jake offered to pay OP double their current rate for a weekend installation. The OP’s old company had raised its rates significantly, and Jake’s company would be better off hiring the OP. He begged OP to consider the offer, and they agreed.

The Installation Process

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Installing the unit could take hours or even the whole day. The supplier offered two options: pay for an engineer or receive instructions for self-installation. The instructions were difficult to follow, and the supplier wouldn’t intervene once installation started.

The Weekend Installation

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OP drove to the site and began installing the unit. After six hours and almost completed with the job, Jake stopped the OP and said he couldn’t pay for the service. OP was shocked, but later his frustration turned into a desire for revenge.

The Test Mode Button

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Inside the unit, a small button changed it into test mode, which hindered configuration. It was only reachable with a pin and wasn’t mentioned in the instructions. In test mode, the unit wouldn’t work normally.

The Revenge Plan

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OP pressed the test mode button, gathered their belongings, and left. On Monday, Jake called OP, who declined the call. OP knew the supplier wouldn’t help, and Jake’s engineers would struggle to find the issue.

The Angry Call

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Days later, OP answered Jake’s call. Jake was furious, unable to configure the machine, and demanded OP’s help. OP replied, “Why is this my problem? You won’t pay me.”

The Power Play

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OP demanded $9,000 upfront before helping. Jake screamed and hung up, only to call back a day later, sounding defeated. They eventually agreed to pay OP the upfront fee.

The Payment

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Jake tried to renegotiate, but OP insisted on being paid upfront. After some back-and-forth, Jake agreed, and the money landed in OP’s account.

The Quick Fix

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OP arrived the next day, took out a pin, and changed the unit from test mode. Confusion crossed Jake’s face as OP finished configuring the machine in just 20 minutes.

The Priceless Reaction

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OP packed their tools and left, enjoying Jake’s stunned reaction. It was the easiest $9,000 the OP had ever made. “Don’t try to mess with a professional problem solver.”

The Aftermath

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The OP had outsmarted Jake, who had tried to take advantage of their expertise. By demanding upfront payment, OP ensured they got paid for their work. Jake learned not to cross a skilled professional.

The Lesson Learned

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Jake’s experience with OP taught him the value of respecting professionals and their skills. OP’s cunning plan ensured they received fair compensation while teaching Jake a valuable lesson. By demanding payment, OP showed that professional problem solvers should be respected and properly compensated for their expertise.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “Reading this made me unreasonably angry on your behalf.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another reader writes, “Man, this is a proper justice post.”

Different Perspective

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A different person states: “That’s not even petty revenge, you hustled the hustler. Nice job, mate.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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