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Man Orders Pizzas for a Charitable Food Drive, But When the Manager Includes a Hefty Automatic Tip, the Situation Takes a Dramatic Turn.

When an intern at a large corporation, brother to the Original Poster (OP), organizes an office food drive, the stakes are unexpectedly high. The intern’s simple plan to reward the winning floor with pizza spirals into a heated dispute with the pizza parlor manager over an unexpected demand for a 15% gratuity. Just as the conflict climaxes into a full-blown argument at the restaurant, the story takes an abrupt turn, leaving us waiting for what comes next.

The Intern’s Task

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OP’s brother, a young intern in a large corporation, organizes an internal food drive. The incentive to encourage participation is free pizza for the floor that donates the most. OP’s brother assumes the role of arranging the pizza prize, leading to the first conflict.

Pizza Puzzle Begins

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OP’s brother contacts the pizza parlor on Monday to discuss the logistics of ordering thirty-five pizzas for a Friday lunch. The pizza place manager seems enthusiastic about the order and asks him to place the order on Wednesday morning. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Wednesday.

The Overturned Order

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On Wednesday, the pizza parlor manager revokes his initial assurance. He deems the thirty-five pizza order too large to be delivered during their busy Friday lunch rush, suggesting a delay to the following Tuesday. OP’s brother is forced to reschedule the pizza party.

The Monday Muddle

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On Monday, OP’s brother places the order again and pays over the phone using the corporate credit card. Another twist surfaces when the manager divides the order into two different pick-up times. OP’s brother agrees to this unusual arrangement, setting the stage for the main conflict.

The Zero-Tip Tangle

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When asked about the tip, OP’s brother responds with a surprising “$0”. This unusual response signals the initial stirrings of conflict between the intern and the pizza place parlor. The zero-tip policy unknowingly foreshadows a significant problem.

The First Pizza Pick-Up

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On Tuesday, OP’s brother picks up the first batch of eighteen pizzas from the restaurant and delivers them to the winning office floor lunchroom. The delivery is a success, and he returns to the pizza place for the remaining seventeen pizzas. Unknown to him, a major confrontation awaits.

The Tip Tempest

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While waiting for the second batch of pizzas, the pizza place manager confronts OP’s brother about the lack of tip. This unexpected confrontation leads to a heated exchange between the intern and the manager. The manager informs OP’s brother of a ‘corporate policy’ requiring a 15% gratuity for large orders, triggering a deeper conflict.

The Gratuity Grapple

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OP’s brother holds his ground, refusing to comply with the sudden gratuity demand. He argues that this was not part of the initial agreement. This defiance prompts the manager to retaliate by threatening to withhold the remaining pizzas.

The Tipping Point

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The argument between OP’s brother and the pizza parlor manager escalates dramatically. It reaches the point where a coworker intervenes, advising the intern to leave a small tip. The coworker’s intervention marks a turning point in the conflict, but the resolution is still far from sight.

The Reluctant Tipper

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In response to his coworker’s advice, OP’s brother reluctantly agrees to leave a tip. However, he asserts his right to determine the amount. This minor concession brings temporary relief, but the next twist is just around the corner.

The Manager’s Move

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The pizza place manager, seizing the opportunity, takes OP’s brother’s card and charges a 15% gratuity, which amounts to $125. This is a drastic departure from the $40 OP’s brother had intended to give. This provocative action by the manager marks a shocking escalation of the conflict.

The Receipt Rumble

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The manager hands OP’s brother a receipt with the 15% gratuity already assessed. The intern is taken aback by this sudden imposition. His shock turns into rage, leading to another fierce confrontation.

The Fierce Feud

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OP’s brother enters a yelling match with the pizza parlor manager. Their dispute takes a severe turn, moving from a mere disagreement over a gratuity to a full-blown argument. The animosity between the two reaches a fever pitch, signaling a climax in their feud.

The Restaurant Ruckus

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The situation turns chaotic as the heated exchange in the restaurant continues. The entire pizza place becomes the arena for this intense argument. This rowdy altercation intensifies the conflict, transforming it into a public spectacle.

The Hasty Eviction

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In the face of ongoing disagreement and commotion, OP’s brother is escorted out of the restaurant by his coworker. The loud argument ends abruptly with the intern’s removal from the premises.

Was The Corporate Intern’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his brother’s story online to allow the public to pass judgment on who was correct in this situation – his brother or the restaurant manager. The readers in the community forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “They provided awful service, acted unprofessionally, and didn’t earn a tip whatsoever. Then they stole money.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I’m willing to bet that there is no such rule that states a tip must be left for all large orders. An order cannot be refused simply because you don’t leave a tip. Any tip your brother did leave would probably go straight into the manager’s pockets!”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “I worked at Mcdonald’s where we would get office orders for eighty Big Macs, eighty large fries, and twenty apple pies. We never received a tip, nor did we expect one. Why should we? It was our job to make those burgers, and we did it for our hourly wage.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “I’m pretty sure changing the charge on a credit card to give your business a bigger tip is illegal.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a thread from an online forum.

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