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Two Couples Make Life Miserable for Roommates, But the Tables Turn in a Way No One Anticipated.

The original poster (OP), Claire, and her roommates, Dani, Ella, and Fran, endure the taxing intrusion of Abby and Brooke’s boyfriends in their shared college house. As tensions rise, a climax emerges with a perfectly executed, secret move-out plan, leaving the culprits utterly shocked.

The Happy Home

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In their junior year of college, Claire and her five roommates (Abby, Brooke, Dani, Ella, and Fran) signed a lease for an off-campus house. They established a shared supply fund and distributed the responsibility of furnishing the house among themselves, aiming for a harmonious living situation. The stage was set for a cozy cohabitation.

The Boys Move In

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However, their serene household started to unravel when Abby’s boyfriend Andy essentially moved in. The couple began to act possessively, leaving passive-aggressive notes over trivial matters. The communal living situation, initially promising, started to sour.

Doubling the Trouble

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Brooke’s boyfriend, Brad, soon joined the fray, bringing more disturbance to the once-peaceful house. Brooke and Brad mirrored Abby and Andy’s high-handed behavior, turning the house into a battleground. It seemed that they were claiming territories within shared walls.

Enough is Enough

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By February, Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran had had enough of the disruptive behavior of Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends. They found a new place and signed a lease, intending to escape the unbearable living conditions. Their decision, however, was met with escalating antagonism.

Battle of the Washing Machine

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Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends retaliated with more severe acts of disrespect, like disrupting laundry, wasting hot water, and returning mail. Even gifts and packages sent to Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran weren’t safe. The house was no longer a home; it was a war zone.

A Glimmer of Hope

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In late May, an unexpected call came from the landlord of the new place. He announced that the house was ready for them to move in early without any additional charge. Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran decided to seize the opportunity but kept their plans a secret.

Preparing the Great Escape

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Memorial Day weekend arrived, providing the perfect cover for their secret move. Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends left town for a camping trip, completely unaware of the plans in motion. This was the window the four friends had been waiting for.

Operation “Move Out”

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With the help of their friends, Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran started packing and moving their belongings to the new house. They stripped the old house of their possessions, including all the furniture and supplies. The house was gradually hollowed out, inch by inch.

Empty House, Empty Pantry

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The four friends not only took their belongings but also claimed all shared household goods, justified by Abby and Brooke’s lack of contribution. Toilet paper, dish detergent, and all other household essentials disappeared with them. The house was left as barren as their patience for their former roommates.

The Shocking Return

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When Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends returned from their camping trip, they found an entirely empty house. In their absence, everything had vanished, leaving behind only the echo of their actions. The reality of their actions had hit them, literally in their living room.

The Food Poisoning Incident

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To add to their misery, Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends contracted food poisoning from their camping trip. Sick and devoid of basic household necessities, they faced the harsh consequences of their behavior. The house echoed with their misery, its emptiness amplifying their discomfort.

Scathing Texts and Sweet Revenge

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The barrage of texts accusing Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran of their unexpected move and taking the household goods began. Yet, these angry messages were met with amusement by the four friends, a stark contrast to the resentment they’d felt previously. Their escape had turned into sweet revenge.

The Priceless Toilet Paper

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The complaints about the missing household items, particularly the toilet paper, were treated as badges of victory by Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran. Every angry message only solidified their satisfaction, highlighting the success of their strategy. The toilet paper had never seemed so valuable.

Life After the Move

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In the aftermath of their abrupt departure, Claire, Dani, Ella, and Fran enjoyed a peaceful and harmonious life in their new house. Free from the toxicity of Abby and Brooke and their boyfriends, they could finally breathe easy. Their new home was filled with laughter, marking a stark contrast to their previous living situation.

Were The Women Justified in Their Behavior?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Nothing like revenge that you are still enjoying and laughing about 12 years later. Good job.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Your roommates cannot just move in their boyfriend or girlfriend. If they start staying most nights in a mutual lease situation, sit that person down and explain that they need to pay the share of the extra roommate or start splitting time elsewhere.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “Isn’t messing with someone else’s mail a massive offense? Maybe even a federal legal issue?”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Emptying the house? Impressive! Cleaning out everything but the walls, including toilet paper? Deliciously impressively petty!”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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