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Parents Drop a Bombshell About Withholding a Huge Inheritance, But What Their Children Did Next Was Even More Astonishing.

The story traces the tumultuous journey of the Original Poster (OP) and his wife as they navigate the backlash from their daughters upon revealing their unconventional retirement plans. As familial tensions reach their peak, a startling revelation from the middle daughter throws their conflict into even sharper contrast.

A Hard-Worked Life

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OP and his wife, both in their mid-40s, have built successful careers, earning a combined income of $300k per year. They have three children and are able to provide a comfortable life for them. However, despite their success, they are not extravagant and live within their means.

A Non-Traditional Route

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The couple makes a crucial decision: they choose not to follow the conventional path of working for 25 more years but to retire early and not leave a hefty inheritance for their children. They believe in enjoying the fruits of their labor while they’re still relatively young. The couple also does not want their children to be overly dependent on them for their financial stability.

The Planned Retirement

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OP and his wife plan to retire when their youngest son graduates high school. They have a significant nest egg to sustain their lifestyle and fulfill their dream of traveling more. The parents firmly intend to use their hard-earned money to its fullest while still maintaining a rainy day fund.

No Handouts for the Children

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The parents assert a strict policy: they won’t be giving their adult children financial handouts. They commit to cover half of their children’s educational costs, but that will be the last substantial monetary gift from them. The couple believes in fostering independence and self-reliance in their offspring.

A Health Scare Changes Everything

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OP has a minor health scare—a precancerous mole—which opens up a discussion about their financial plans with their eldest daughter. The daughter, unaware of their parent’s intentions, is taken aback when she learns about their plans for their savings. She feels her parents are prioritizing their enjoyment over her and her siblings’ well-being.

Sibling Betrayal

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The eldest daughter shares the news with her younger sister, causing a family dispute. Both daughters feel betrayed and hurt, not just about the future absence of inheritance but also because their parents kept their intentions hidden. The siblings grapple with feelings of resentment and confusion, questioning their parents’ motives.

A Family’s Strife

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OP and his wife face criticism from their daughters. They stand by their decision, believing it isn’t their children’s business what they decide to do with their own money. However, the parents are open to admitting if they are in the wrong about not sharing their plans earlier.

The Unspoken Truth

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A new twist arises: the parents realize they never explicitly discussed their retirement plans and financial decisions with their children. This lack of communication sparks tension in the family. OP and his wife are challenged to handle the situation with tact and understanding.

Reaffirming Values

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The parents decide to stand firm in their decision, insisting their choice reflects their belief in self-reliance and hard work. They hope to instill these values in their children. The idea is not to create an easy path for their children but to guide them toward building a successful life on their own.

A Lingering Doubt

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Despite standing firm, OP finds himself grappling with lingering doubts. He begins to question if withholding information about their financial plans was the right decision. These doubts further intensify the existing family conflict.

The Youngest Learns the Truth

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In an unexpected twist, the youngest son overhears the heated discussions and learns about their parents’ plans to sell the family home and begin traveling in just a few years time. Surprisingly, he doesn’t react negatively and appears to understand his parents’ perspective better than his older sisters. This new dynamic introduces another layer of complexity to the family conflict.

A Possible Resolution

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OP and his wife, after much deliberation, decide to have a family meeting to discuss their retirement plans and financial decisions openly. They believe that involving their children in the conversation might help mend the strained relationships. It’s a brave step towards resolution and understanding.

The Son’s Support

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During the family meeting, the youngest son expresses his support for his parents’ plans. He values their emphasis on self-reliance and hard work and believes it’s important for him and his sisters to create their own financial security. His support surprises the family, especially his older sisters, adding an unexpected layer to the family dynamics.

The Daughters’ Resistance

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Despite their brother’s support, the daughters remain opposed to their parent’s plans. They express their disappointment and feelings of betrayal, deepening the divide in the family. The parents are left grappling with their daughters’ hurt feelings while still trying to uphold their beliefs and decisions.

The Family United

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The family meeting ends with mixed feelings, but there’s a sense of unity despite the disagreements. All members recognize that the love and respect they share for one another is more important than any financial dispute. The story concludes with the couple optimistic as they navigate their differences with their children and look forward to growing together.

Was The Couple’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “It seems like this is the kind of thing you should have been talking about all along, that you don’t plan on doing anything to make life financially easier for them and that your family’s philosophy is that money is to be spent on yourself, not preserved for future generations or spent on loved ones.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “You do realize there’s a happy medium between cutting your kids off and spoiling them rotten, right? You can be supportive parents and also teach them the value of work.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “Do you actually even like your kids? Are you resentful that they have cost money to raise, and doing your best to ensure they get nothing is your revenge? Because honestly, that’s how it reads. Sure, it’s your money, and you can do what you want, but not being honest and open about it with your children from a reasonable age is just a bad move.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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