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Modern Entrepreneurs Are Choosing Easy Online Startups, But the Potential Goldmine in Collectible Cards Will Shock You.

Starting a business today is relatively cheap and more accessible than ever before. In many cases, you only need an internet connection and a laptop to get started.

Whether you are considering a side hustle or a full-time commitment, here are some business ideas anyone can start today.

1. Social Media Management (SMM)

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With every company and brand having multiple social media profiles, you can oversee and build a business managing their content for them.

Many companies outsource their social media accounts and promotions, and you can often start by pitching your services to a local business or restaurant. As you develop more experience and a reputation, you can land more extensive and more profitable accounts.

You can start by taking a few SMM courses or listening to podcasts to learn the general strategies and tactics.

2. Build Your Shopify Store

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Start selling a small craft by building a Shopify store around it. If you know how to use YouTube, you can create a basic Shopify store in a day without any experience.

The best part is you can sell anything to anyone in the world. Phone covers, t-shirts, or musical instruments? Build a Shopify store and enter the world of e-commerce right away.

3. Master the Art of Garage Sales

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Garage sales are a treasure hunt. Often, you can purchase used items for much less than their actual value. I recommend comparing prices on eBay and reselling items at competitive prices. 

Garage sales flipping can earn significant returns if you can find the right items. I recommend starting with higher-end neighborhoods and estate sales, where you’ll likely find people looking to offload more valuable items.

4. Become a Youtuber/Blogger

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Try becoming a YouTuber or starting a blog. Starting these businesses will not cost much, and you can start immediately. However, be prepared to work hard. On average, it will take about eight months on YouTube and twelve months of blogging before you start to see any revenue.

Starting up a YouTube channel or becoming a blogger takes deciding your niche and acting upon it by carrying out your ideas in real time.

5. Hunt for Collectibles: Rare Pokemon & Sports Cards

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Starting a business of Pokemon or sports cards is a little unconventional, but it can make you good money at the end of the day. You can look up the value of cards online, but the expertise comes from learning to evaluate card condition. You could then resell them to individuals, pawn shops, or on sites like eBay.

The most valuable Pokemon card was sold for $900k, so if you’re lucky, you can track down some rare treasures people don’t know they have.

6. Kickstart a Travel Agency

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Do you dream of making money while traveling the world? A travel agency might be a great fit.

Once you get enough experience and connections, you can start planning events for business events and corporate retreats, which often demand mock trips beforehand, where you can enjoy and “test” the location, hotels, activities, and excursions you are planning for your clients.

7. Run a Vending Machine Business

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Vending machines are here to stay. They’re convenient and always open. Starting a vending machine business is pretty straightforward but requires some investment.

You can get a used machine for around $3000 and then place your machine strategically. Then, contact gas stations, apartment owners, small businesses, or schools to place your vending machines.

8. Build an Educational Course

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Is there a particular subject or language you know so much about that you could teach others? You could be in the correct position to open your academy then.

Start by creating an online course. You can even sell or work with established sites or influencers to market your class for a percentage of the profits.

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