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17 Weekend Plan Ideas That Are Dirt-Cheap

Looking for ways to make the most of your weekend without breaking the bank? From picnics in the park to backyard camping, activities await that brim with fun and have be met on an affordable budget.

We sourced insights of everyday people and put together a collection that promises to add a spark to your weekend repetition without costing an arm and a leg.

Picnic in the Park

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Pack a simple lunch, grab a blanket, and head to your local park for a picnic. Enjoy the fresh air, observe the beauty of nature, and maybe even read a book under a tree. It’s a perfect way to relax and disconnect from your busy life.

Local Library Adventure

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Visit your nearest library and immerse yourself in a world of books. Libraries often have hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. It’s not only a haven for book lovers but also a quiet escape for those seeking peace.

DIY Home Spa

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Transform your home into a spa with a warm bath, homemade face masks, and some relaxing music. This is a great way to pamper yourself without spending a fortune. It’s your personal retreat to rejuvenate and unwind.

Community Events

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Check out free or low-cost events in your community. From local markets to concerts in the park, there’s often something exciting happening.

Star Gazing

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Find a spot away from city lights and gaze at the stars. It’s a magical experience that makes you appreciate the vastness of the universe. Don’t forget to bring a blanket and some hot chocolate!

Cook a New Recipe

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Challenge yourself by cooking a new recipe. This is a great way to improve your cooking skills and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s a rewarding experience that also saves you money from dining out.

Visit a Free Museum or Gallery

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Many cities have museums or galleries with free admission. It’s an educational and inspiring outing. “Exploring art and history without spending a dime is my kind of weekend,” says avid museum-goer, Emma.

Nature Hike

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Reconnect with nature by going on a hike. It’s not only good exercise, but the scenic views can be breathtaking. Remember to pack water and snacks!

Yoga at Sunrise

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Wake up early and do yoga as the sun rises. It’s a peaceful way to start your day, enhancing both your physical and mental health. This practice can be a beautiful ritual to set the tone for your weekend.

Volunteer for a Cause

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Use your time to help others by volunteering. Whether it’s at a local shelter or a community garden, your efforts can make a big difference. “Giving back to the community is fulfilling and a great way to meet like-minded people,” notes volunteer Sarah.

Bike Ride Around Town

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Explore your city or town on a bike. It’s a fun, eco-friendly way to see new sights and get some exercise. Plus, it allows you to appreciate your surroundings at a slower pace.

Host a Movie Night

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Invite friends or family over for a movie night. Choose a theme and watch movies that fit the theme. It’s a cozy way to spend the evening and much cheaper than going to the cinema.

Explore a New Neighborhood

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Take a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never visited before. It’s exciting to discover new places and you might find your new favorite spot. “Every neighborhood has its own charm and secrets to uncover,” shares urban explorer, Leo.

Backyard Camping

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Set up a tent in your backyard and have a camping night. It’s a fun way to experience camping without leaving home. Don’t forget the marshmallows for roasting!

Crafting Session

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Dive into a crafting project. Whether it’s knitting, painting, or making DIY decorations, it’s a creative way to spend your time. Crafting can be very therapeutic and satisfying.

Read at a Café

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Spend a couple of hours reading at a local café. It’s a nice change of scenery and you can enjoy your favorite coffee or tea. “There’s something special about reading in a bustling café, it’s my weekend treat,” says coffee enthusiast, Mia.

Garden or Tend to Houseplants

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Spend time in your garden or tending to houseplants. Gardening is not only relaxing but also rewarding as you watch your plants grow. It’s a great way to connect with nature right in your home.