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Her Garden Faces Relentless HOA Attacks, But When She Uncovers the Unexpected Traitor Behind the Scenes She’s Left in Shock.

A seemingly peaceful neighborhood is rattled as the Original Poster (OP) grapples with the authoritarian president of the homeowners association (HOA) who persistently destroys their cherished garden. The dispute, rooted in the mismatch of aesthetic tastes and disregard for communication, escalates to a neighborhood-wide legal battle challenging the HOA’s authority. Will OP’s resilience and the surprising alliances they form along the way be enough to prevail against the tyranny of the HOA president?

A Garden Misunderstanding

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While attending college, OP lived with her mom, who enjoyed maintaining a diverse garden. However, her tastes didn’t align with the neighborhood’s homogeneous aesthetic preferences, leading to tension with the head of the HOA. Despite the lawn being immaculate, OP’s mom’s love for plants like tomatoes, cabbages, and mint was frowned upon.

Communication Gaps

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During a trip overseas, important HOA letters went unread due to their absence and the fact that OP’s mom doesn’t speak English. The woman who ran the HOA, unable to reach them, employed a landscaping crew that exterminated the garden. Assuming this was due to a misunderstanding and because they weren’t able to respond to the HOA letters in time, OP decided to compensate the landscaping company anyway.

The Persistence of Mint

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Upon their return to the US, OP’s mom mourned the loss of her vegetables and redirected her focus onto her mint garden. The mint flourished, and it wasn’t long before neighbors began to admire it, often asking permission to pick some. Unfortunately, this did not satisfy the HOA president, who still felt the unbridled mint patch looked rather unruly and didn’t fit the aesthetic of the rest of the neighborhood.

A Second Round of Destruction

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One day, another landscaping crew arrived unannounced and, without permission, uprooted all of the mints from the garden. The shock soon turned into horror when OP found out they were billed $2,000 for the unwelcome service. The HOA president had yet again taken drastic action without consulting them.

Evasion of Contact

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OP’s attempts to confront the HOA president revealed shocking neglect of communication on her part. Despite having OP’s contact details and the contact of a friend’s neighbor for translation, she made no attempt to get in touch. This, combined with the fact that their active household was visibly occupied, added to the suspicion of deliberate avoidance.

Manipulation and Plotting

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The HOA president claimed her actions were justified due to the previous payment made by OP for the landscaping service. The friendly neighbor turned out to be involved with the HOA president in plotting the destruction of the mint garden. His constant visits to borrow mint were, in fact, surveillance missions to assess the ‘issue.’

Legal Maneuvers

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Upon seeking legal counsel, OP learned that the actions of the HOA could be challenged legally. The garden destruction was overstepping authority and violating property rights. During a neighborhood meeting, the same neighborhood friend who used to translate for OP’s mom took the side of the HOA president. His betrayal in public came as a jolt to OP and her mom.

A Unifying Mint Cause

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OP’s neighborhood friends and mint lovers formed a small group to support her fight against the HOA. They began to see the HOA’s actions as a threat to their individual rights. Unexpectedly, the local landscaping company that carried out the second destruction expressed their sympathy towards OP. They revealed they were misled by the HOA president and offered to testify.

HOA President’s Downfall

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A thorough investigation into the HOA president’s background unveiled a troubling pattern of manipulative behavior with other homeowners, exploiting their language barriers and coercing them into submission. By taking advantage of their vulnerability, the president used miscommunication as a convenient scapegoat to deflect any resistance. The revelation thrust the HOA president into the spotlight.

A Surprising Return

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As the news spread, a previous resident who had faced similar issues returned to the neighborhood. This individual shared their past struggles with the HOA president, adding more weight to OP’s case. Scrutinizing her actions, the homeowners started to raise significant concerns about the current president’s suitability for the role.

The Legal Battle

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OP and her supporters decided to take the issue to court, accusing the HOA president of abuse of power and property rights infringement. The collective testimonies of the affected residents, the returned neighbor, and the landscaping company served as compelling evidence, significantly strengthening their case and lending further weight to their claims.

Unmasking the Betrayer

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As the trial unfolded, a startling revelation was unveiled about the friend who used to translate for OP’s mom. It became evident that the friend was receiving favors and benefits from the HOA president. His shocking betrayal was driven by personal gain, deepening the sense of deception within the community.

The Verdict

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After much deliberation, the court ruled in favor of OP and her supporters. The HOA president was ordered to pay damages for her overreaching actions and manipulative tactics. The legal victory signaled a drastic change in the community dynamics.


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In the wake of the verdict, the neighborhood experienced significant changes. The homeowners voted for a new, more understanding head of the HOA, and rules were revised to protect the diversity of gardens.

A Garden Reborn

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With the conflict resolved, OP’s mom planted a new garden. The mint made a comeback, along with a variety of other plants. The garden’s revival marked the end of a turbulent journey and the beginning of a more peaceful era in the neighborhood.

Was The Daughter’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP decided to post her experience battling the HOA on a community website. The readers in the forum had mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “This sounds like a ridiculous HOA. Have you read the HOA paperwork? How is having a garden against the rules? I think that she definitely should have asked before sending over paid landscapers to pull mint.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “While the company contracted with the HOA, I’d worry that they could put a lien on your house for unpaid amounts. I wonder if there’s something about a required notice period in the HOA documents. It’s worth consulting with an attorney for all issues you’ve faced.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person replied, “Yes, you should absolutely refuse to pay her. Yes, you should email a complaint to your local council. You should also contact the landscaping company and tell them they were hired by your neighbor to ‘landscape’ your garden and that it was done without your knowledge or permission. Tell them to send a copy of the invoice to her.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Yet another responded, “Two thousand dollars is INSANE. She hired them without your permission. But check the HOA agreement very carefully. Make sure you didn’t give them the right to do that, although it may not be enforceable.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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