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After Her Baby Throws Up on Her Cousin’s Designer Blouse, The Woman Demands Reimbursement and Starts a Family Dispute.

The Original Poster’s (OP) newborn celebration turned sour after her cousin Alice’s designer blouse was ruined by an unexpected baby mishap. The family became split over who should shoulder the $1800 replacement cost.

Welcome to the World, Charlotte

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OP introduces her newborn daughter, Charlotte, to family and friends during a special “baby ceremony.” Among the guests are OP’s cousin Alice and Alice’s parents. Alice is known for her luxurious lifestyle and expensive taste, living comfortably as a banker while still residing with her parents.

The Designer Dress and the Baby

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Alice, adorned in her designer clothing, takes her turn to hold baby Charlotte. She enjoys the initial moments of carrying the infant, but this bliss is short-lived. Suddenly, Charlotte vomits on Alice’s high-end blouse.

A Ruined Dress and A Broken Heart

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Alice hands Charlotte back to OP and retreats, crushed by the unfortunate event. She spends the rest of the event crying in the car, feeling both humiliated and upset. Despite OP’s efforts to console her, Alice remains inconsolable, refusing to hear any apology.

A Mother’s Intervention

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OP’s mother steps in, offering Alice one of her shirts to replace the soiled blouse. However, the replacement shirt is too big for Alice, adding to her discomfort. Alice’s hurt feelings persist, as evidenced when she says, “I feel completely upset and humiliated.”

An Unexpected Phone Call

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Days later, OP receives an unexpected call from her mother. The conversation revolves around Alice and the unfortunate incident at the baby ceremony. It is revealed that Alice’s mother, OP’s aunt, has been discussing the situation with OP’s mom.

The Cost of a Blouse

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Alice’s mother demands reimbursement for the ruined blouse, which is revealed to have cost around $1800. This is a shocking revelation to OP, who was unaware of the astronomical price tag attached to Alice’s attire. OP recalls Alice’s mother saying, “They want me to reimburse the cost of the blouse since it was completely ruined.”

The Dilemma

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OP grapples with the demand for compensation. She understands that Alice’s blouse was costly and that its loss was unfortunate. However, she also realizes that Alice took a risk by wearing such an expensive item around a baby.

The Refusal

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OP decides to refuse the demand for reimbursement. She believes that the incident was not her fault and that Alice should have anticipated the potential for mishaps around an infant. OP asserts, “At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like.”

The Backfire

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OP acknowledges that Alice’s decision to wear such an expensive blouse to a baby event unfortunately backfired. She empathizes with Alice’s distress but maintains her stance. The dilemma continues to build as OP refuses to take financial responsibility for the incident.

The Stand

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OP firmly feels that Alice should have considered the risks involved in wearing high-end clothing around a baby. As OP puts it, “If you want to pay for designer clothing, you have to be prepared for clothes to get ruined.”

Unraveling Relationships

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The incident begins to strain relationships within the family. Tensions rise as OP’s refusal to pay for the blouse is met with disappointment and anger. The situation is not only about a ruined blouse anymore, but it also threatens the harmony within the family.

In Search of Validation

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OP seeks validation for her decision, unsure if she’s doing the right thing. She wrestles with guilt, yet she believes she made the right call by refusing to pay for the blouse. She asks, “Am I doing the right thing by refusing to pay up?” The situation leaves the family in a state of division. Alice and her parents are upset with OP’s refusal to pay for the ruined blouse.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “At best, you should pay for dry cleaning!”

Another responder wrote: “Common sense to not wear expensive clothing around newborns unless you are okay with risking this happening. She should have known better.”

A different person states, “Your kid did ruin her property, and it didn’t seem like you made any effort to make it right at the time. But who wears something that expensive around an unpredictable baby?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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