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When Her Aunt Tries to Cheat Her, She Exposes Her Aunt’s Shocking Real Estate Scam

A cunning aunt attempts to swindle her niece out of payment for commissioned artwork, only to have her elaborate web of deceit unravel in a most unexpected way. As the Original Poster (OP) takes matters into her own hands, the Aunt’s fraudulent dealings with a prominent real estate company and shocking acts of identity theft against her husband come to light.

The Art Request

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The OP is an aspiring artist. Her Aunt Jay asks the OP to create several pieces of artwork for her real estate business, promising payment, but the terms are not discussed upfront. The OP agrees, assuming her Aunt will pay her for her completed work.

Her Aunt Is Difficult

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Aunt Jay refuses drafts and dislikes the finished products. The OP is left with wasted time and money, feeling taken advantage of by her Aunt.

The Mural Proposal

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Aunt Jay requests a mural and offers no compensation for the niece’s travel expenses. The OP demands payment for previous work before taking on additional jobs, to which Aunt Jay replies, “Exposure from people like me is great for people like you” and “I’m giving you experience.”

Legal Consultation

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The OP meets with her school’s licensing/legal advisor, who helps her draft a letter to Aunt Jay. The letter demands immediate cessation of using the OP’s work and provides an invoice with a 15% family discount.

Her Mother’s Involvement

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The OP’s mother calls, having been berated by Aunt Jay. The OP explains the situation, and her mother reveals Aunt Jay’s history of manipulative behavior, offering to get involved.

Fraud Discovery

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The niece’s mother contacts a local ProMax office, learning that Aunt Jay has been falsely representing herself as a franchisee. This deception could result in legal trouble and the loss of Aunt Jay’s real estate license.

Identity Theft Uncovered

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Aunt Jay’s husband, the OP’s uncle, discovers that his wife has taken out two credit cards in his name and maxed them out. He suspects the money was used for a down payment on her new car.

Family Confrontation

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The OP’s father informs his brother, Aunt Jay’s husband, of the situation with ProMax. The uncle is furious he did not see the level of deception and starts taking steps to protect himself.

Divorce on the Horizon

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The OP’s uncle, realizing this was the last straw, contacts divorce attorneys in hopes of avoiding legal repercussions from ProMax’s potential actions against Aunt Jay.

ProMax’s Response

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The company is faced with deciding whether to pursue legal action against Aunt Jay, which would have significant consequences for her.

Legal Advice

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The OP’s uncle consults a lawyer for advice on dealing with the identity theft committed by Aunt Jay.

Aunt Jay’s Downfall

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As a result of refusing to pay her niece, Aunt Jay’s web of deceit unravels, exposing her fraudulent activities and jeopardizing her real estate career.

The OP’s Perspective

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The OP reflects on the situation, stating, “I’ve never been one to gloat, and I always take pity on people who are having a hard time… I’m not this time.”

Family Dynamics

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The family is left to deal with the aftermath of Aunt Jay’s actions and their impact on their relationships. The OP learns the importance of setting clear terms upfront, standing up for herself, and being cautious when dealing with manipulative family members.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “From one artist to another if they can’t afford to pay you, they’re probably not significant enough that exposure would even do you any good.”

Another reader wrote: “I never charge family members who are good people. Cause you don’t have to. Good people offer you money.”

A different person states: “Hope you still get paid, also would appreciate updates, I’m very invested into Aunt Jay getting punished.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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