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13 Everyday Items You Can Easily Buy For a Fraction of the Price.

We all want to get our money’s worth when buying everyday necessities. However, sometimes we fall victim to products or services that seem like a good deal but are actually huge rip-offs. Here are 13 common rip-offs you keep buying without realizing it.

Extended Warranties

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Extended warranties are often pushed on consumers to protect sizeable purchases, but they’re rarely worth the cost. Most products come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Many credit cards offer an extended warranty as a perk when you use the card to make the purchase.

Brand-Name Medications

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Brand-name medications can cost significantly more than generic versions, yet they contain the same active compounds and ingredients. Usually, the only difference is the name on the label. Despite this, many consumers continue to opt for the brand-name version, thinking it must be superior due to aggressive marketing by large pharmaceutical companies.

Premium Gasoline

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Unless your car specifically requires premium gasoline, buying it is unnecessary. It won’t improve your car’s performance or fuel economy, and you’ll needlessly waste money. However, many consumers still opt for premium gas because they believe it’s better for their car or because they think it will make the engine run more smoothly.

Bottled Water

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Bottled water is often tap water in disguise and beautifully packaged in environmentally harmful plastic bottles. Despite this, the bottled water industry is a billion-dollar business, and many people continue to buy it out of convenience or the belief that it’s safer than tap water. Although some bottled water is spring water, most water brands bottle filtered municipal or tap water and are otherwise no different than your local tap.

Brand-Name Clothing

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Brand-name clothing and luxury labels can be expensive, but they are not necessarily better quality than cheaper alternatives. For example, many high-end fashion brands manufacture their clothes in the same factories as lower-priced brands and do not use different materials or manufacturing processes.

Credit Report Monitoring

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Credit report monitoring services are often sold to protect against identity theft, but you can monitor your credit for free. By law, you’re entitled to a free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies annually. Despite this, many consumers still opt for credit report monitoring services out of fear that their identity will be stolen or because they believe it will improve their credit score.

Brand-Name Batteries

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Brand-name batteries can be significantly more expensive than generic alternatives, but they don’t necessarily last longer or perform better. Many generic batteries perform just as well as their brand-name counterparts. For example, brands like Energizer and Duracell have become billion-dollar brands because consumers will pay more for products that don’t necessarily offer better performance.

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

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Pre-cut fruits and vegetables are often more expensive than whole produce, yet they’re not necessarily fresher or better quality. Pre-cut produce may have a shorter shelf life than whole produce. Despite this, many consumers buy pre-cut produce for convenience or because they believe it’s healthier.

Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards are often overpriced and can cost several dollars each, yet they’re arguably less meaningful than a handwritten note. Many people appreciate a heartfelt note more than a generic card. This consumerism trend has led to a massive greeting card industry, where consumers pay more for a product that may not be better than a simple note.

Designer Sunglasses

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Designer sunglasses can be significantly more expensive than generic alternatives but don’t necessarily offer better protection or durability and are often the most commonly lost or broken personal accessory. Basic sunglasses often provide just as much UV protection or polarization as their designer counterparts. Brand-name sunglasses have become the most egregious culture of conspicuous consumption, where the value of a product is determined entirely by its logo and brand and has nothing to do with its actual quality.

Organic Produce

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Organic produce can be significantly more expensive than conventionally grown produce, but there is no significant evidence that it’s healthier or safer. Despite this, many consumers still opt for organic produce because they believe it’s better for their health or the environment. This has led to a booming organic farming industry, where consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that may not be any better than their conventional counterparts.

Premium Audio Cables

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Premium audio cables can be significantly more expensive than generic alternatives but don’t necessarily offer better sound quality. Many generic cables perform just as well as their premium counterparts. Despite this, many consumers continue to opt for premium audio cables, believing they’re superior.

Cable TV

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Cable TV packages can be expensive and often include channels you don’t watch. Despite this, many consumers continue to pay for cable out of habit or because they believe it’s the only way to access their favorite shows. In reality, many streaming services now offer a wide variety of content at a much lower cost.

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